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  • Penn State graduate student Kiya Riverman peers at ice crystals growing from the ceiling of an ice cave in the Larsbreen glacier in Svalbard, Norway.

    Shedding Light on Glaciers from Within

    Ice caving started out as a weekend hobby for this graduate student, but has grown into an important part of her doctoral research.

  • A new Penn State student gets help unpacking at her dorm from her family.

    Welcome Week 2016

    Are you ready for #PSUArrival? It's happening now. Welcome to all Penn State students and families as we look forward to a new academic year!

  • Performing Arts for Social Change (PASC) founder Cynthia Henderson facilitates a workshop with a group of people seated in a circle in Cameroon.

    To Stage a Change

    From a young age, Penn State theater alumna Cynthia Henderson has wanted to save the world. Today, she's doing her part—through the performing arts.

  • Chad Hanna, an assistant professor of physics at Penn State makes rippling waves seem to appear in a photograph of himself

    Making waves in spacetime

    Faculty member Chad Hanna is part of a team of scientists doing groundbreaking research in a new era of discovery in gravitational-wave astronomy.

  • Philip Moore, a Penn State research technologist for the Center for Pollinator Research, inspects a frame from one of three honey bee hives located on the roof of the Millennium Science Complex on the University Park campus.

    Boosting the Buzz

    Penn State continues to be a leader in the area of holistic pollinator health research through its work on the worldwide decline of the bee population, particularly honey bees.