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  • "Because your answers could solve someone else's problems." with Jeff Catchmark in front of blue texture of molecules

    Building a Better Bandage

    Research allows Penn State faculty to develop a biofoam pad to replace traditional methods of wound treatment.

  • "Lighting the way toward progress." with Felecia Davis in front of blue texture of fabric

    Smart Fabrics

    Felecia Davis leverages Penn State’s network of expertise to weave art with science in reimagining the use of everyday fabrics.

  • "Because first generation students can get a first class education" with Jorge Zurita-Coronado in front of blue texture of graduates

    Paying it Forward

    A first-generation American and college student, Jorge Zurita-Coronado intends to use his Penn State degree to advocate for others who think college is out of their reach.

  • "Because we have an obligation to protect people who need it." with Shoba Wadhia in front of blue texture of columns

    Building Community Through Compassion

    A Penn State Law faculty member and students provide outreach and education to Pennsylvanians on immigration policies and change.