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  • A Penn State graduate student examines produce at a student farm.

    Field of Sustainable Dreams

    Students have worked for the first time this year on the single-acre Student Farm at Penn State, part of the interdisciplinary Sustainable Food Systems Program.

  • Ismaila Dabo, assistant professor of materials science and engineering at Penn State looks at his reflection in a computer monitor next to a colorful computer-generated image.

    Powerful Materials

    Energy lives at the root of almost everything we do, but harnessing that energy is still an area ripe for research. Ismaila Dabo, a computational materials scientist, uses simulations to help design and improve the materials that power our world.

  • Football fans cheer and wave white pom poms.

    Make Game Day Great!

    VIDEO: Penn State game days are some of the best in the nation. As we support our student athletes this year, let's show our best blue by extending a warm welcome to our guests from all over the country.

  • Penn State graduate student Shu Li works in a greenhouse.

    Building a better world, together.

    VIDEO: With strength, purpose, and passion, Penn Staters work together to make a mark on the world. Through these shared experiences, students and alumni form a lasting bond.

  • Penn State graduate student Kiya Riverman peers at ice crystals growing from the ceiling of an ice cave in the Larsbreen glacier in Svalbard, Norway.

    Shedding Light on Glaciers from Within

    Ice caving started out as a weekend hobby for this graduate student, but has grown into an important part of her doctoral research.