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  • "One Community Impacting Many" with Mathew Roda in front of blue texture

    Better Concussion Detection

    Penn State Schreyer Scholar, Matthew Roda, is putting his education to work by enhancing the process behind concussion testing for athletes.

  • "One Community Impacting Many" with Felecia Davis in front of blue texture of fabric

    Smart Fabrics

    Felecia Davis leverages Penn State’s network of expertise to weave art with science in reimagining the use of everyday fabrics.

  • "One Community Impacting Many" with Jim Harbach in front of blue texture

    Saving the Chesapeake

    As Pennsylvania renews efforts to clean the state's waterways and the Chesapeake Bay, Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences is crafting a strategy in which farmers can help.

  • "One Community Impacting Many" with Hunter Swisher in front of blue texture

    One Root at a Time

    Entrepreneur Hunter Swisher turned an idea to enhance root growth in plants into a viable product, and he is now making a difference on the green and in business.