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  • "Because innovating snowboards means creating new jobs" with snowboarder over blue texture of snowy landscape.

    Putting Science to Work

    When artisan snowboard and ski maker Gilson ran into an issue with the materials used to make their signature boards and skis, Penn State materials scientists stepped in to help.

  • "Because everyday tasks shouldn't be a chore for the visually impaired." with Vijay Narayanan in front of a blue texture.

    Seeing Without Sight

    Penn State professor Vijay Narayanan is leading cross-disciplinary research to make grocery shopping more accessible for the visually impaired.

  • "Sowing the seeds of business." with Hunter Swisher in front of blue texture of grass.

    One Root at a Time

    Entrepreneur Hunter Swisher turned an idea to enhance root growth in plants into a viable product, and he is now making a difference on the green and in business.

  • "Because those who want to learn should have a way." with Danielle Joliet in front of American flag texture.

    Pairing Education with Recovery

    Addict turned graduate, U.S. Army veteran, Danielle Joliet is on a mission to share her story in order to show others the possibilities associated with a Penn State education.