Who We Are

The Forum on Black Affairs is comprised of faculty, staff and graduate students at any of the Pennsylvania State University locations.

We are people who believe that we must take an active role in initiating and maintaining an environment for Black members of the University community that encourages individual and community development. The Forum on Black Affairs welcomes the participation of all who share this vision of an improved and dynamic University Community.

 What We Do

The Forum on Black Affairs is a proactive organization that constantly seeks out ways and means for positively impacting on the University community. The Forum itself conducts a comprehensive array of educational, civic, cultural, and social activities throughout the academic year. Wherever possible, the Forum on Black Affairs seeks to form meaningful partnerships with other organizations in the community to carry out valuable and worthwhile projects.

Bucking The Trend - 1981 - "Proposals to Stablize and expand the Number of Black Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students at The Pennsylvania State University. Presented to President John W. Oswald by The Forum on Black Affairs November, 1981"


"...Dedicated to the principle of equality for all people."