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Requests must be received no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the desired completion date.  Projects with larger scopes may require more than fourteen (14) days to complete so please plan accordingly and allow sufficient time for project completion.  Requests made in less than the required fourteen (14) days advance notice are not guaranteed and completion will depend upon the availability of the Marketing Staff.  With the exception of the homepage, departments are responsible for maintaining their own website content.
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Interested in having content appear on the campus website? Please complete the following section for your request to be reviewed and considered by the campus web committee. With the primary focus of the campus website being a marketing tool to reach prospective students, your request must meet two out of the three following criteria in order to be considered.

  1. Content is important to the recruitment of prospective students
  2. Content is important to a large audience
  3. Content is timely
The homepage is broken up into various modules.  See the graphic below for the six different areas in which content can be hosted.

Requirements for each module

  1. Flash Graphic - Photo / graphic must be sized to 609w by 249h (pixels).  Can accommodate a descriptive headline below the photo.
  2. Quick Links - can accommodate 1 line of text (approximately 25 characters).
  3. Left Graphic - graphic must be sized to 160w by 60h (pixels).  Can accommodate 1 line of a title (about 20 characters).
  4. News & Events - Submit newswire request form ( to Bill Woodard
  5. Announcements - can accommodate up to 3 lines of text with each line containing about 50 characters.  Text only; no URLs (website addresses).
  6. Right Button - can accommodate 1 line of text (about 20 characters). Optional icon graphic must be sized for 30w by 20h (pixels)
Upon submission of this form, your request will be reviewed and voted upon by the campus web committee.  Please allow three business days for your request to be reviewed.  A web committee member will follow-up with you to inform you if your request has been approved.
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