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3 Business Days

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5 Business Days

Any request which requires any one of the following must be submitted ten (10) business days prior to the start date.

-Media Services staff to be present for the duration of the event
-Events which occur outside of the Computer Centers hours of operation

Requests made in less than the required advance notice are not guaranteed and request completion will depend upon the availability of equipment and the Media Services Staff. To see what equipment is available, what is installed in each room, and to review our policies, guidelines, and tips, please visit the Media Services WebsiteMedia Services appreciates your attempt to reserve a room which already contains the equipment that you need.

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* Who is hosting this meeting?
If Penn State New Kensington is hosting the meeting, Media Services must fill out a Bridge Request
Form which goes to University Park. UP requires 5 days to process this request. Requests recieved
with less than 5 days notice might not be fulfilled. More information can be found at:
The Penn State Video Bridge 
If "Other Campus", which one?:
Remote Site(s) Name(s):
(Include one campus, building and room per line)

Preferred Conference Mode: Image of Conference Modes

Polycom Recording Disclaimer:

If you wish to record the Polycom session(s), all participants must be
informed that their activities will be recorded. Additionally, the host of the meeting
must read and understand PSU Policies AD-40 and AD-53

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