Our Mission

The Affirmative Action Office has responsibilities in four major areas relating to disabilities:

  1. coordinating the reasonable accommodation process for faculty and staff
  2. resolving complaints of discrimination
  3. compliance with laws and regulations
  4. providing educational programming and information.

The Affirmative Action Office responds to three types of complaints of illegal discrimination as they relate to disability issues:

Informal complaints/inquiries - complaints or requests for information that result in informal discussions with complainants, or negotiation/mediation of a resolution.

Internal complaints - complaints filed with the Affirmative Action Office, possibly requiring formal investigations, and resulting in findings and recommendations.

External complaints - complaints filed with state or federal agencies. In these cases the Affirmative Action Office coordinates the University's response.

Contact Information:

Bill Ritzman, Coordinator
ADA Programs

Affirmative Action Office

Affirmative Action Office
328 Boucke, University Park, PA 16802
Phone: (814) 863-0471

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