High School Seniors

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Welcome! If you are a high school senior, remember the deadline to apply for an AFROTC scholarship application is 1 December of your senior year, but we recommend you apply as early as possible. The same is true for your Penn State application. (We recommend applying no later than November, and put Altoona campus as the number two selection). The Penn State website, www.admissions.psu.edu is the place to apply for admission to Penn State. In order to welcome you to our team, our cadets offer a four-day New Student Orientation Program (NSOP) prior to classes starting in the Fall semester. Although not mandatory, this program has helped many students meet other new cadets and get oriented in the program and on campus. Make sure you contact our detachment as soon as possible in order to sign up for NSOP.

Special Living Option

An exciting opportunity available for freshmen is the ROTC Special Living Option (SLO). Three floors (2 male/1 female) are set aside in Brumbaugh Hall (East Halls) for freshman ROTC cadets and midshipmen in the Army, Naval and Air Force ROTC programs at Penn State. Incoming freshman cadets will have the opportunity to request living there. Once they are "Paid Accept" to PSU, they will be given a link to E-living where they can check the SLO ROTC living option. There will be no distinction between services, so cadets could live with a member from another service. Information regarding the special option can be found at www.hsu.psu.edu.