Penn State Air Force ROTC

Welcome to Penn State Air Force ROTC-- recently rated the top large ROTC Detachment in the Northeast United States and #1 in the Big Ten!

  • 141202.ChnageofCommand.JDP.005Detachment 720 at End of the Year Change of Command Ceremony
  • hg_det720-24Honor Guard Trick Team Performing with The Lion During Half Time
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  • 141114.HGOldMain.JDP.001
  • _JDP3835
  • _STR2352
141202.ChnageofCommand.JDP.0051 hg_det720-242 140923.WingStaff.JDP.0053 141114.HGOldMain.JDP.0014 _JDP38355 _STR23526
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Penn State Air Force ROTC is committed to producing the best Air Force Officers in the world. At Penn State we offer excellent scholarship opportunities and an exceptionally rewarding college experience that prepares you for a great future. We also offer exciting career opportunities serving our country as a United States Air Force officer after you graduate. You can be a leader in high-speed career fields such as pilot, engineering, meteorology, physics, intelligence, space operations, communications, nursing, security forces, and many more.

Explore this website for detailed information on Penn State Air Force ROTC, scholarships, career opportunities, life as a cadet, etc. You can also go to:, or feel free to call us to ask questions, set up a visit, or to talk with one of our current students. Our number is (814) 865-5453.