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At the beginning of the Fall 2001 semester, students began working on the design of an Easy-to-Build glider in design groups. The goal is to design a glider that can be completely fabricated by the class in two years. During Fall 2001, four teams prepared and presented individual conceptual designs. From these four designs, the best two were chosen and work progressed on each during the spring of 2002. The final design reports can be found for each in the Technical Reports section of the webpage. With the two preliminary designs in hand, four different groups worked to consolidate the best features of each glider during the first half of fall 2002.

Currently, detailed designs are being worked in four different teams. Each team is assigned to a component of the glider. These components are the fuselage, wings, empennage, and control system. Details about each group can be found in the Design Groups section. A limited amount of preliminary work is currently being done in lab as a forerunner to fabrication of the glider. As time progresses and the design is finalized, more lab time will be devoted to the construction of the Easy-to-Build sailplane.
A design team builds a model wing section