Penn State PIRE Program Partners

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Our International Partners:

National Science Foundation PIRE PROGRAM World-Wide Partner map

Haskins Lab, University of Connecticut & Yale University
Science of Learning Center on Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2), Gallaudet University, USA
U.K. (Bangor University)
ESRC Centre for Research on Bilingualism in Theory and Practice, Bangor University, Wales
The Netherlands (Radboud University Nijmegen)
Behavioural Science Institute
Sweden (Lund University)
Lund Humanities Lab
Germany (University of Manheim)
Manheim Eye Lab, University of Manheim
Spain (University of Granada; University of Tarragona)
Memory & Language Research Group, University of Granada
Universitat Rovira i Virgili: The Public University of Tarragona
China (Beijing Normal University; University of Hong Kong)
The State Key Laboratory of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, University of Hong Kong
The State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning, Beijing Normal Univ.