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      Penn State Computational Science Faculty

      (must be members of the Graduate Faculty)
      This is a list of people who can serve on CSci Minor Ph.D. Committees.
      Someone from this list must be on each Ph.D. committee.
      If you think you should (or should not) be listed here send email to LNL .

      Last Name First Name Department
      Adair James Earth and Mineral Sciences
      Adewumi Michael Earth and Mineral Sciences
      Albert Istvan Bioinformatics
      Albert Reka Physics
      Alloway Kevin Hershey Medical Center
      Altman Naomi Statistics
      Ammon Charles Geosciences
      Anderson James Chemistry
      Avramova Maria Nuclear Engr.
      Bao Le Statistics
      Barlow Jesse Computer Science and Engineering
      Barton Russell Business
      Belegundu Ashok Mechanical Engineering
      Belmonte Andrew Mathematics
      Bjornstad Ottar Entomology
      Borhan Ali Chemical Engineering
      Brasseur Jim Mechanical Engineering
      Breakall Jim Electrical Engineering
      Brentner Ken Aerospace Engineering
      Bressan Alberto Mathematics
      Cai Guoray Information Science and Technology, CSE
      Camci Cengiz Aerospace Engineering
      Cao Wenwu Mathematics and MRI
      Carpino Marc Mechanical Engineering
      Chen LongQing Material Science
      Cimbala John Mechanical Engineering
      Collins John Physics
      Collins Linda Human Development & Family Studies
      Costanzo Francesco Engineering Science and Mechanics
      Craven Brent Applied Research Lab & Mech. Engr.
      Crespi Vin Physics
      Cusumano Joe Engineering Science and Mechanics
      Das Chita Computer Science and Engineering
      Demirel Melik Engr. Science
      Drapaca Corina Engr. Science
      Du Qiang Mathematics
      Duffy Chris Civil Engineering
      Easterling Bill Geography
      Elsworth Derek Energy and Mineral Engineering
      Ertekin Turgay Earth and Mineral Sciences
      Fichthorn Kristen Chemical Engineering
      Finn Sam Physics
      Ford Eric Astronomy and Astrophysics
      Gahegan Mark Earth and Mineral Sciences
      Garrison Barbara Chemistry
      Gilmore Rick Psychology
      Grader Abraham Earth and Mineral Sciences
      Gray Gary Engineering Science and Mechanics
      Grenfell Bryan Biology
      Hall David Information Science and Technology
      Haran Murali Statistics
      Hardison Ross Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
      Harrison Terry Supply chain and Information systems
      Haworth Dan Mechanical Engineering
      Heller Don Computer Science and Engineering
      Higgins Bill Electrical Engineering
      Horn Joe Aerospace Engineering
      Hudson Peter Biology
      Hurson Ali Computer Science and Engineering
      Irudayaraj Joseph Agricultural Engineering
      Ivanov Kostadin Nuclear Engineering
      Jain Jainendra Physics
      Janik Michael Chemical Engr.
      Jensen Lasse Chemistry
      Jin Dezhe Physics
      Jurs Peter Chemistry
      Kemanian Armen Plant Science
      Klippel Alexander Geography
      Kubicki James Institutes of the Environment
      Kulkarni Anil Mechanical Engineering
      Kumara Soundar Ind Mfg Eng
      Kunz Rob Applied Research Lab
      Laplante Phillip Great Valley
      Lee Kwang Electrical Engineering
      Lesieutre George Aerospace Engineering
      Lesk Arthur Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
      Levin Deborah Aerospace Engineering
      Li Xiantao Mathematics
      Li Yuexing Astronomy and Astrophysics
      Liechty John Marketing and Statistics
      Liu Xiaofeng Civil Engineering
      Lombra Raymond Economics
      Long Lyle Aerospace Engineering and Math
      MacEachren Alan Geography
      Manias Evangelos Material Science
      Maranas Costas Chemical Engineering
      Maranas Janna Chemical Engineering
      Maroncelli Mark Chemistry
      Mayer Jeff Electrical Engineering
      Mazzucato Anna Mathematics
      McGonigle Dee Nursing
      Melton Robert Aerospace Engineering
      Messner John Architectural Engineering
      Micci Mike Aerospace Engineering
      Michaleris P Mechanical Engineering
      Miller Douglas Geography
      Miller Webb Biology, Computer Science and Engr.
      Mockensturm Eric Mechanical Engineering
      Molenaar Peter Human Development and Family Studies
      Morris Phil Aerospace Engineering
      Myers Wayne Forest resources
      Pantano Carlo Materials Science
      Passmore David Education
      Peuquet Donna Geography
      Prabhu Vittal Ind Mfg Eng
      Puri Virendra Agricultural Engineering
      Raghavan Padma Computer Science and Engineering
      Rahn Chris Mechanical Engineering
      Reed Patrick Civil Engineering
      Rosenbaum David Psychology
      Russell David Engineering
      Sigurdsson Steinn Astronomy and Astrophysics
      Simpson Steve Mathematics
      Sinha Alok Mechanical Engineering
      Sinha Sunil Computer Science and Engineering
      Smith Ed Aerospace Engineering
      Sofo Jorge Physics
      Sparrow Victor Acoustics
      Spencer David Aerospace Engineering
      Stauffer David Meteorology
      Talmage Gita Mechanical Engineering
      Urquidi-Macdonald Mirna Engineering Science and Mechanics
      Wang James Information Science and Technology
      Werner Doug Electrical Engineering
      Wolszczan Aleksander Astronomy
      Wyngaard John Meteorology
      Xu Jinchao Mathematics
      Yao Tao Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
      Yavuzkurt Savash Mechanical Engineering
      Zikatanov Ludmil Mathematics

      To find contact info on any of these faculty, go to:

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