Integrative Arts 10


Ally McBeal

Class Dates

Koko's Earth Control

Office Hours

King of the Hill

Study Guide

Text Cover

Required Texts

Dorothy's Shoes

Time Line


Names to Know

Thomas Edison

Glossary Worksheet


Film Terms Dictionary

Magic Lantern

Reccomended Viewing

Mad's Batman & Robin

Exam Information

Cylinder Player

Defining the Mass Media Fine, Folk and Mass Art


Aristotle and the Poetics

Christie's Minstrels

Minstrel Shows Stereotypes and American Popular Music

The Black Crook Burlesque

Formless Comedy and the Melody-Drama

Abbot & Costello

Developmental Comedy and the American Variety Stage

Virgil Finley's Illustration

The Dime Novel and Pulp Fiction

George Melies Trip to the Moon

Lumiere, Edison, Melies and Porter

Griffith and Bitzer

Illusionism and D.W. Griffith

Segei Eisenstein

Expressionism and Sergei Eisenstein

At the gates of Oz

Exam 1

Spike Lee

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