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University Library Services - 19 cents University Library Services - 19 cents IT services provided centrally - 33 cents IT services provided at specific campus locations - 32 cents

IT Fee • 2012–13 Overview

How the IT Fee enables Penn State to meet its students' needs

In today's rapidly evolving world, it's essential for students to have cutting-edge IT tools (web, network, research, email, and video technologies) to compete with their national peers—and it is equally important for faculty and instructors to have state-of-the-art IT resources that they can rely on to manage courses, facilitate teaching, and support pedagogical investigation.

Every year, Penn State's Student Information Technology Fee (IT Fee) makes it possible for students to use technologies that will be essential in their careers after graduation. In addition, the IT Fee enables Penn State to offer students innovative tools and resources, allowing them to manage data, peruse digital collections, and even remotely collaborate with experts from around the world.

Overall Fee Distribution

IT Fee Dollar Bill Image - How fees are used

For fiscal year 2012–13, Penn State collected $38,882,408 in IT Fees to provide IT services to all students, allocated as seen in the above diagram.

The Specific Campus Services category includes support for student computer labs and other student-oriented computing equipment, facilities, and programs.

IT Fee Library Distribution

IT Fee Libraries Distribution

IT funds are crucial for the University Libraries to support the teaching, learning, and research needs of the Penn State community. The largest portion (60 percent) funds a significant number of the Libraries' collection of 120,000 electronic journals, 316,000 ebooks, 600 databases, and a multitude of digital collections that support scholarship across the University. Another 40 percent of the funds are used to purchase hardware, software, systems, technology in the classrooms, ScholarSphere services, and Knowledge Commons activities for students throughout Penn State.

Centrally Distributed IT Fee

Centrally Distributed IT Fee

The remainder of the IT Fee supports services provided centrally through Information Technology Services (ITS). The above diagram is a snapshot of the Central Services the IT Fee made available to students at all Penn State locations during the 2012–13 fiscal year. The remainder of this report highlights these Central Services.

Computing and Collaborative Services

The IT Fee supported critical computing resources at Penn State, in support of infrastructure, technologies, messaging, and communications.

Penn State Identity and Access Management

Central Services

Messaging and Collaborative Services

Technologies and Resources

Networking, Infrastructure, and Security Services

The IT Fee has additionally increased community security and helped expand a number of telecommunications projects at Penn State.

Network and Infrastructure Support Services

Teaching and Learning Support Services

The IT Fee provides for educational initiatives, solutions, and core instructional services throughout Penn State's campuses.

Instructional Services

University Libraries Support Services

The IT Fee has made extensive digital library resources and collections available to students and faculty at each of Penn State's campuses.