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Journal of Research in Rural Education

Featured Articles:

Organized Activity Involvement Among Rural Youth: Gender Differences in Associations Between Activity Type and Developmental Outcomes
Kaitlyn A. Ferris
Benjamin Oosterhoff
Aaron Metzger
West Virginia University

The Importance of Context, Reflection, Interaction, and Consequence in Rural Music Education Practice
Anita Prest
University of British Columbia

Book Review: Rural People & Communities in the 21st Century: Resilience & Transformation
SaraBeth Dew
University of North Texas


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Volume 28 (2013, tenth online volume, sixth volume at Penn State)

Author(s) Title
No. 1
E. Charley
No. 2
D. Hall
No. 3
J. Kline
S. White
G. Lock
No. 4
K. Holley
No. 5
T. Butler
No. 6
D. Showalter
No. 7
R. Sage
No. 8
C. Howley
B. Chavis
J. Kester
No. 9
H.E. Wilson
J. Gresham
M. Williams
C. Whitley
J. Partin
No. 10
M. Corbett
No. 11
T. Mukeredzi
No. 12
M. Burton
K. Brown
A. Johnson
No. 13
S. Dew
No. 14
A. Prest
No. 15
K. Ferris
B. Oosterhoff
A. Metzger

Volume 27 (2012, ninth online volume, fifth volume at Penn State)

Author(s) Title
No. 1
K. Eppley
M. Corbett
No. 2
T. Shannon
P. Shannon
No. 3
A. Howley
M. Howley
K. Hendrickson
J. Belcher
C. Howley
No. 4
H.A. Lawson
No. 5
K. Wenger
J. Dinsmore
A. Villagómez
No. 6
C. Wright

No. 7
A.B. Ludden

No. 8
M. Forner
L. Bierlein-Palmer
P. Reeves
No. 9
M.A. Demi
No. 10
S. Stagg Peterson
No. 11
S. Kucerová
Z. Kucera
No. 12
J.L. Jordan
G. Kostandini
E. Mykerezi
No. 13
L. Miller

Volume 26 (2011, eighth online volume, fourth volume at Penn State)

Author(s) Title
No. 1
R. Anderson
B. Chang
No. 2
L. Avery
K. Kassam
No. 3
T. Huffman
No. 4
A. Campbell
G. Yates
No. 5
A. Woodrum
No. 6
A. Stewart
J. Abbott-Chapman
No. 7
J.W. Richardson
S. McLeod
No. 8
J. Stockard
No. 9
A. Howley
L. Wood
B. Hough
No. 10
A. Azano
No. 11
J. Sherman
R. Sage
No. 12
S. Fry
H. Anderson
No. 13
K. Eppley
No. 14
J. Stockard
No. 15
S. Engelmann

Volume 24 (2009, sixth online volume, second volume at Penn State)

Author(s) Title
No. 1
M. Masumoto
S. Brown-Welty
No. 2
G. Arvind

No. 3
W. Hannum
M. Irvin
J. Banks
T. Farmer

No. 4
K. Eppley
No. 5
P. Chance
S. Segura

No. 6
C. Clark
D. Lambert
W. Park
M. Wilcox

No. 7
M. Corbett


No. 8
A. Woodrum
No. 9
S. Faircloth
No. 10
D. Greenwood
No. 11
U. Kelly
No. 12
M. Corbett
No. 13
K. Donehower
No. 14
C. Hogg
No. 15
C. Howley
No. 16
P. Hardré
D. Sullivan
H. Crowson


Volume 21 (2006, third online volume)

Author(s) Title
No. 1
T. Browne-Ferrigno
L. W. Allen
Preparing principal for high-need rural schools: A central office perspective about collaborative efforts to transform school leadership
No. 2
J. Xu
L. Corno
Gender, family help, and homework management reported by rural middle school students
No. 3
T. Farmer
M. Irvin
J. Thompson
B. Hutchins
M. Leung
School Adjustment and the Academic Success of Rural African American Early Adolescents in the Deep South
No. 4
J. Benseman
Moving Towards Lifelong Learning in Rural New Zealand: A Study of Two Towns
No. 5
K.L. Clopton
K. Knesting
Rural school psychology: Re-opening the discussion
No. 6
D.M. Dees
"How Do I Deal with These New Ideas?": The Psychological Acculturation of Rural Students
No. 7
E. Prins
Individual Roles and Approaches to Public Engagement in a Community-University Partnership in a Rural California Town
No. 8
K. Schaft
T. Alter
J. Bridger
Bringing the community along: A case study of a school district's information technology rural development initiative
No. 9
D. Gruenewald
Resistance, reinhabitation, and regime change
No. 10
T.W. Farmer
K. Dadisman
S.J. Latendresse
J. Thompson
M.J. Irvin
L. Zhang
Educating out and giving back: Adults' conceptions of successful outcomes of African American high school students fromimpoverished rural communities
No. 11
D. Gruenewald
T. Salsbury
Book Review: Reclaiming the Local in Language Policy and Practice
(A. Suresh Canagarajah, Ed.)
No. 12
P. Theobald
R. Rochon
Enclosure Then and Now: Rural Schools and Communities in the Wake of Market-Driven Agriculture
No. 13
K. Budge
Rural Leaders, Rural Places: Problem, Privilege, and Possibility

Volume 20 (2005, second online volume)

Author(s) Title
No. 1
T. M. Freeman
L. H. Anderman
Changes in Mastery Goals in Urban and Rural Middle School Students
No. 2
W. Jennings
Book Review: Rural Voices: Place-Conscious Education and the Teaching of Writing by Robert E. Brooke (Ed.)
No. 3
M. L. Arnold
Commentary: Rural Education: A New Perspective is Needed at the U. S. Department of Education
No. 4
S. A. Swidler
Conversation and Control: Emergent Progressive Pedagogy in the Last of Nebraska's One-Teacher Schools
No. 5
J. H. Williams
Cross-National Variations in Rural Mathematics Achievement: A Descriptive Overview
No. 6
M. L. Arnold
J. H. Newman
B. B. Gaddy
C. B. Dean
A Look at the Condition of Rural Education Research: Setting a Direction for Future Research
No. 7
C. B. Howley
A. A. Howley
D. S. Huber
Prescriptions for Rural Mathematics Instruction: Analysis of the Rhetorical Literature
No. 8
W. S. Bush
Improving Research on Mathematics Learning and Teaching in Rural Contexts
No. 9
A. Howley
M. Carnes
A. Eldridge
D. Huber
L. Lado
R. Kotler
M. Turner
The Poor Little Rich District: The Effects of Suburbanization on a Rural School and Community
No. 10
K. J. Wenger
J. Dinsmore
Preparing Rural Preservice Teachers for Diversity
No. 11
A. R. Wiley
T. Bogg
M. R. Ho
The Influence of Parental Socialization Factors on Family Farming Plans of Pre-Adolsecent Children:  An Exploratory Analysis
No. 12
L.J. Beaulieu
R.M. Gibbs
A special collection: Student performance and work-based learning
No. 13
S.J. Goetz
Random variation in student performance by class size: Implications of NCLB in rural Pennsylvania
No. 14
F.D. Beck
G.W. Shoffstall
How do rural schools fare under a high-stakes testing regime?
No. 15
K.A. Schafft
The incidence and impacts of student transiency in upstate New York's rural school districts
No. 16
G.P. Green
Work-based learning in rural America: Employer participation in school-to-work programs and apprenticeships
No. 17
C. Mulryan-Kyne
The grouping practices of teachers in small two-teacher primary schools in the Republic of Ireland
No. 18
C. Howley
P. Theobald
A. Howley
Commentary: What Rural Education Research is of Most Worth?
A Reply to Arnold, Newman, Gaddy, and Dean
No. 19
L. Cicchinelli
C. Dean
Commentary: It's All About the Quality of Advice, Guidance, and Research for Rural Educators: A Rejoinder to Howley, Theobald, and Howley
No. 20
M. Arnold
Commentary: Jump the Shark: A Rejoinder to Howley, Theobald, and Howley
No. 21
C. Howley
Book Review:  Naturally Small: Teaching and Learning in the Last One-Teacher Schools
(by Stephen A. Swidler)

Volume 18, No. 3 (Winter 2003, Final Print Issue)

Author(s) Title
G. Danaher
B. Moriarty
P. A. Danaher
Guest Editors' Introduction to Special Issue: Bush Lessons Down Under
B. Moriarty
P. A. Danaher
G. Danaher
Situating and Interrogating Contemporary Australian Rural Education Research
L. Jarzabkowski Teacher Collegiality in a Remote Australian School
C. Mills
T. Gale
Transient Teachers: Mixed Messages of Schooling in Regional Australia
J. Luck Does Geography Shape the Nature of an Educational Innovation?
B. Moriarty
B. Gray
Future Directions: A Model for Educational Partnerships in Australia
P. A. Danaher
G. Danaher
B. Moriarty
Space Invaders and Pedagogical Innovators: Regional Educational Understandings from Australian Occupational Travelers
T. Evans Beating Around the Bush: Reflections on the Theme

Volume 18, No. 2 (Fall 2003)

Author(s) Title
J. Lee Evaluating Rural Progress in Mathematics Achievement: Threats to the Validity of "Adequate Yearly Progress"
G. P. Green
V. Galetto
A. Haines
Collaborative Job Training in Rural Areas
C. B. Howley
E. Gunn
Research About Mathematics Achievement in the Rural Circumstance
K. Mitchem
D. Wells
J. Wells
Using Evaluation to Ensure Quality Professional Development in Rural Schools
B. A. Burnell The "Real World" Aspirations of Work-Bound Rural Students
K. Singh
S. Dika
The Educational Effects of Rural Adolescents' Social Networks

Volume 18, No. 1 (Spring 2003)

Author(s) Title
E. Beeson
M. Strange
Why Rural Matters 2003: The Continuing Need For Every State to Take Action on Rural Education
E. B. Reeves Disentangling the Effects of Nonmetro Location and Student Poverty on School Performance/Improvement: Implications for Equitable Excellence in Kentucky Public Schools
J. Edmondson
P. Shannon
Reading First Initiative in Rural Pennsylvania Schools
M. J. Opuda NCLB-A Threat or a Challenge to Public Education? A Reply to Edmondson and Shannon
M. Arnold Taking the Road Less Traveled: A Reply to Edmondson and Shannon
P. Shannon
J. Edmondson
A Rejoinder to Opuda and Arnold
C. B. Howley Mathematics Education in Rural Communities: An Essay on the Parameters of Respectful Research
H. L. Harmon
S. A. Henderson
W. C. Royster
A Research Agenda for Improving Science and Mathematics Education in Rural Schools
S. A. Swidler Book Review: High Stakes: Children, Testing, and Failure in American Schools
(by Dale D. Johnson and Bonnie Johnson)
J. S. Beaudry Book Review: High Stakes: Children, Testing, and Failure in American Schools
(by Dale D. Johnson and Bonnie Johnson)

Volume 17, No. 3 (Winter 2002)

Author(s) Title
T. A. Lyson What Does a School Mean to a Community? Assessing the Social and Economic Benefits of Schools to Rural Villages in New York
D. L. Holloway Using Research to Ensure Quality Teaching in Rural Schools
L. Dappen
J. C. Isernhagen
TeamMates: A Model to Support Mentoring in Rural Schools
M. Hawkes
P. Halverson
B. Brockmueller
Technology Facilitation in the Rural School: An Analysis of Options
A. Howley
K. Chadwick
C. Howley
Networking for the Nuts and Bolts: The Ironies of Professional Development for Rural Principals
T. Coladarci
J. Hancock
Grade-span Configuration

Volume 17, No. 2 (Fall 2001)

Author(s) Title
R. R. Powell
D. Sobel
R. S. Hess
M. Verdi
The Relationships Between Situated Cognition and Rural Preservice Teachers' Knowledge and Understanding of Diversity
W. L. Sherman
P. Theobald
Progressive Era Rural Reform: Creating Standard Schools in the Midwest
J. T. Goddard
S. R. Habermann
Accessing the Knowledge Base of Retired Teachers: Experiences in Establishing a Formal Mentoring Program in a Rural School Division
G. W. Loveland A Greater Fairness: May Justus as Popular Educator
MCEETYA Taskforce National Framework for Rural and Remote Education in Australia
M. W. Dewalt The Growth of Amish Schools in the United States

Volume 17, No. 1 (Spring 2001)

Author(s) Title
J. Edmondson Prairie Town: Rural Life and Literacies
J. W. Kushman
R. Barnhardt
Reforming Education from the Inside-Out: A Study of Community Engagement and Educational Reform in Rural Alaska
D. Leo-Nyquist Recovering a Tradition of Rural Progressivism in American Public Education
C. B. Howley
A. A. Howley
S. Shamblen
Riding the School Bus: A Comparison of the Rural and Suburban Experience in Five States
N. Jennings Book Review: Elementary Change: Moving Toward Systemic School Reform in Rural Kentucky
(by P. Kannapel, L. Aagaard, P. Coe, and C. Reeves)
K. Reed
P. Theobald
Book Review: Elementary Change: Moving Toward Systemic School Reform in Rural Kentucky
(by P. Kannapel, L. Aagaard, P. Coe, and C. Reeves)

Volume 15, No. 3 (Winter 1999)

Author(s) Title
N. E. Jennings Reform in Small Places: Examining Two Rural Schools' Implementation of State Reform
J. W. Rojewski Career-Related Predictors of Work-Bound and College-Bound Status of Adolescents in Rural and Nonrural Areas
M. E. Whiting The University and the White, Rural Male
C. B. Howley
A. Howley
W. Larson
Do Rural and Suburban Pripcipals approach Planning Differently? A Two-State Comparison
M. D. O'Quinn Getting Above Our Raising: A Case Study of Women from the Coalfields of Southwest Virginia and Eastern Kentucky

Volume 15, No. 2 (Fall 1999)

Author(s) Title
P. J. Kannapel
A. J. DeYoung
The Rural School Problem in 1999: A Review and Critique of the Literature
M. Bushnell Imagining Rural Life: Schooling as a Sense of Place
R. E. Pearson
J. M. Sutton, Jr.
Rural and Small Town School Counselors
N. K. Martin
Z. Yin
Beliefs Regarding Classroom Management Style: Differences Between Urban and Rural Secondary Level Teachers
D. Post
A. Stambach
District Consolidation and Rural School Closure: E Pluribus Unum?
P. Theobald Book Review: There Goes the Neighborhood: Rural School Consolidation at the Grass Roots in Early Twentieth-Century Iowa
(by D. R. Reynolds)

Volume 15, No. 1 (Spring 1999)

Author(s) Title
C. B. Howley
H. L. Harmon
Introduction to Special Issue
P. J. Kannapel
P. Coe
L. Aagaard
C. A. Reeves
Mandated Achievement in Rural Kentucky: Contrasting Responses
T. Haas A Reply to Kannapel, Coe, aagaard, and Reeves
P. J. Kannapel
P. Coe
L. Aagaard
C. A. Reeves
A Rejoinder to Toni Haas' Reply
R. B. Pittman
D. McGinty
C. I. Gerstl-Pepin
Educational Attainment, Economic Progress, and the Goals of Education in Rural Communities
X. Fan
M. J. Chen
Academic Achievement of Rural School Students: A Multi-Year Comparison with Their Peers in Suburban and Urban Schools
M. F. Hughes Similar Students-Dissimilar Opportunities for Success: High- and Low-Achieving Elementary Schools in Rural, High Poverty Areas of West Virginia
A Policy Statement of the Rural Challenge An Invitation to Discuss Standards in Public Schools

Volume 14, No. 3 (Winter 1998)

Author(s) Title
T. Wotherspoon Education, Place, and the Sustainability of Rural Communities in Saskatchewan
J. Dayton Rural School Funding Inequities: An Analysis of Legal, Political, and Fiscal Issues
B. J. Franklin
C. H. Glascock
The Relationship Between Grade Configuration and Student Performance in Rural Schools
T. R. Berkeley Rural Perspectives on Special Education in Transition: Public Law 105-17, Amendments to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1997
I. Williams
R. Thorpe
Small Primary Schools in Rural Wales: Frameworks of Collaboration
B. O. Brent Expanding Nonresidential Property Tax Bases for School Finance in New York State: Implications for Student Equity
R. E. Townsend Reply to Brent (1998)
B. O. Brent Expanding the Knowledge Base: A Rejoinder to Townsend (1998)

Volume 14, No. 2 (Fall 1998)

Author(s) Title
B. L. Ludlow Preparing Special Education Personnel for Rural Schools: Current Practices and Future Directions
W. L. Tada
M. T. Baer
N. B. Robinson
H. Ichiho
Meeting the Nutrition and Feeding Needs of Children with Disabilities: A Training Model for Health and Education Personnel in the Outer Pacific
G. Butera Family-Focused Rural Early Intervention Personnel Preparation: Family Stories and Student Development
L. A. Bloom
J. Habel
Cliques, Clans, Community, and Competence: The Experiences of Students with Behavioral Disorders in Rural School Systems
N. B. Robinson
W. L. Tada
M. Lee
A. Atkinson
N. Rekemesik
Where There Are No Therapists: The Related Services Assistant Alternative
A. J. Artesani
D. W. Brown
Special Education: Challenges for Rural School Systems

Volume 14, No. 1 (Spring 1998)

Author(s) Title
J. M. Ispa
K. R. Thornburg
J. Venter-Barkley
Parental Child Care Selection Criteria and Program Quality in Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Communities
R. B. Pittman
M. J. R. Herzog
Evaluation of a Year-Round Schedule in a Rural School District
R. Rees
S. Woodward
Twinned Schools in Ontario: A Description and a Comparison
D. J. Young Ambition, Self-Concept, and Achievement: A Structural Equation Model for Comparing Rural and Urban Students
K. Murry
S. Herrera
Crisis in the Heartland: Addressing Unexpected Challenges in Rural Education

Volume 13, No. 3 (Winter 1997)

Author(s) Title
D. L. Bainer A Comparison of Four Models of Group Efforts and Their Implications for Establishing Educational Partnerships
M. A. Grey Secondary Labor in the Meatpacking Industry: Demographic Change and Student Mobility in Rural Iowa Schools
B. J. Fox
M. Wright
Exploring the Use of Rural Community Members In Support of First Grade Readers
D. H. Purdy An Economical, Thorough, and Efficient School System: The West Virginia School Building Authority "Economy of Scale" Numbers
R. Bhandari
F. J. Smith
Rural Women in India: Assessment of Educational Constraints and the Need for New Educational Approaches

Volume 13, No. 2 (Fall 1997)

Author(s) Title
N. Khattri
K. W. Riley
M. B. Kane
Students at Risk in Poor, Rural Areas: A Review of the Research
A. Howley
R. Bickel
M. McDonough
The Call for Parent Involvement in Rural Communities: Mantra and Mystification
J. McClelland Knowing and Being Known: Parents' Experiences with Rural Schools
K. R. Thornburg
M. C. Mathews
L. Espinosa
J. Ispa
Perceptions of Child Care in Rural America
C. B. Howley How to Make Rural Education Research Rural: An Essay at Practical Advice

Volume 13, No. 1 (Spring 1997)

Author(s) Title
E. Brazee
J. Wilhelm
Comment from Guest Editors
J. Erickson Building a Community of Designers: Restructuring Learning Through Student Hypermedia Design
C. F. Toepfer, Jr. Middle Level School Concerns and Rural School-To-Employment Issues: In Search of Better Ways
R. Harrington New Standards for Teaching Middle School Science: Now That We Have Them, What Do We Do?
L. R. Nelson
F. D. Drake
Enhancing Reflective Practice Through Alternative Assessment
B. G. Hicks Meeting National Science Standards in an Integrative Curriculum: Classroom Examples from a Rural Middle Level Program
D. Hough
T. Sills-Briegel
Student Achievement and Middle Level Programs, Policies and Practices in Rural America: The Case of Community-Based Versus Consolidated Organizations
D. L. Prater
A. B. Bermudez
E. Owens
Examining Parental Involvement in Rural, Urban, and Suburban Schools

Volume 12, No. 3 (Winter 1996)

Author(s) Title
T. R. Sizer Dreams, Interests, Aspirations
R. J. Quaglia
C. D. Cobb
Toward a Theory of Student Aspirations
J. Ley
S. Nelson
S. Beltyukova
Congruence of Aspirations of Rural Youth With Expectations Held by Parents and School Staff
J. J. D´Amico
W. Matthes
A. Sankar
B. Merchant
M. Zurita
Young Voices from the Rural Midwest
C. B. Howley
H. L. Harmon
G. D. Leopold
Rural Scholars or Bright Rednecks? Aspirations for a Sense of Place Among Rural Youth in Appalachia
J. A. Plucker Construct Validity Evidence for the Student Aspirations Survey
E. I. Kampits Rural Partnerships in New England: Learning from Kids
H. J. Walberg
R. Greenberg
Youth Realities and Aspirations

Volume 12, No. 2 (Fall 1996)

Author(s) Title
T. Z. Keith
P. B. Keith
K. J. Quirk
E. Cohen-Rosenthal
B. Franzese
Effects of Parental Involvement on Achievement for Students Who Attend School in Rural America
H. L. Harmon
C. B. Howley
J. R. Sanders
Doctoral Research in Rural Education and the Rural R & D Menu
J. W. George Action Research for Quality Development in Rural Education in Scotland
A. M. Atkinson Rural Mothers' Evaluation of the Strong and Weak Points of Child Care
T. Coladarci
C. D. Cobb
Extracurricular Participation, School Size, and Achievement and Self-Esteem among High School Students: A National Look
M. K. Porter Moving Mountains: Reform, Resistance, and Resiliency in an Appalachian Kentucky High School
Y. L. Breen Baring Our Soles
E. Hampsten Book Review: Call School: Rural Education in the Midwest to 1918
(by Paul Theobald)

Volume 12, No. 1 (Spring 1996)

Author(s) Title
E. Hatton Corporate Managerialism in a Rural Setting: A Contextualised Case Study
D. W. Brown
R. E. Carr
C. M. Perry
W. G. McIntire
Principals' Perceptions of Community and Staff Involvement in Shared Decision Making
C. Howley Compounding Disadvantage: The Effects of School and district Size on Student Achievement in West Virginia
K. E. Weiss
V. I. Correa
Challenges and Strategies for Early Childhood Special Education Services in Florida's Rural Schools: A DELPHI Study
C. Howley
P. Theobald
Book Review: The Life and Death of a Rural American High School: Farewell Little Kanawha
(by A. DeYoung)

Volume 11, No. 3 (Winter 1995)

Author(s) Title
M. K. Porter The Bauer County Fair: Community Celebration as Context for Youth Experiences of Learning and Belonging
M. P. Manke "Oh, It Was Different Then!" Case Stories f Unsought Change in the Lives of Three Retired Elementary School Teachers
B. A. Miller The Role of Rural Schools in Community Development: Policy Issues and Implications
M. Galton
L. Hargreaves
Clustering: A Survival Mechanism for Rural Schools in the United Kingdom
K. Stevens Vocational Choice for Senior High School Students in Rural Australian Communities
A. J. DeYoung Bridging Multiple Worlds: The School Superintendent as Change Agent in a Rural and Poor School District

Volume 11, No. 2 (Fall 1995)

Author(s) Title
J. Maddaus
S. F. Marion
Do Standardized Test Scores Influence Parental Choice of High School?
K. Esterman
D. Hedlund
Comparing Rural Adolescents from Farm and Nonfarm Families
J. W. Rojewski
R. C. Wicklein
J. W. Schell
Effects of Gender and Academic-Risk Behavior on the Career Maturity of Rural Youth
P. F. Galvin The Physical Structure of Regional Educational Service Agencies: Implications for Service and Equity Goals
B. A. Beach What Do We Know About Rural Child Care? An Overview of Issues
L. Cuban Book Review: The Life and Death of a Rural American High School: Farewell Little Kanawha
(by Alan DeYoung)
C. E. Mertens Book Review: Integrating Education, Health, and Social Services in Rural Communities: Service Integration Through the Rural Prism
(by R. D. Bhaerman)
J. Wiles Logic Gone Wrong: A Reply to DeYoung, Howley & Theobald (1995)
J. Lipsitz Argument Misguided and Divisive: A Reply to DeYoung, Howley & Theobald (1995)
A. J. DeYoung
C. Howley
P. Theobald
Revisiting and Extending the Argument: A Rejoinder to Wiles and Lipsitz

Volume 11, No. 1 (Spring 1995)

Author(s) Title
J. M. Hektner When Moving Up Implies Moving Out: Rural Adolescent Conflict in the Transition to Adulthood
P. J. Kannapel
B. D. Moore
P. Coe
L. Aagaard
Six Heads Are Better Than One? School-Based Decision Making in Rural Kentucky
A. J. DeYoung
C. Howley
P. Theobald
The Cultural Contradictions of Middle Schooling for Rural Community Survival
D. A. Seltzer
O. T. Himley
A Model for Professional Development and School Improvement in Rural Schools
D. Godden Beyond the Conventional Wisdom: A Reply to Sher & Sher (1994)
I. Searston Beyond the Conventional Wisdom: A Reply to Sher & Sher (1994)
J. P. Sher A Rejoinder to Godden (1995) and Searston (1995)
T. Coladarci (Ed.) Conference Report: Issues Affecting Rural Communities, July 10-15, 1994 - Townsville, Australia

Volume 10, No. 3 (Winter 1994)

Author(s) Title
J. R. Sanders Introduction: Implications of Recent Changes in Nonmetropolitan America
D. A. McGranahan Rural America in the Global Economy: Socioeconomic Trends
D. Hobbs Demographic Trends in Nonmetropolitan America
P. M. Nachtigal Political Trends Affecting Nonmetropolitan America
E. R. Stephens Recent Education Trends and Their Hypothesized Impact on Rural Districts
R. D. Bhaerman Implications for Systemic Education-and Societal-Reform: A Discussion of McGranahan, Hobbs, Nachtigal, and Stephens
S. Nelson Implications of Recent Changes in Nonmetropolitan America: A Discussion of McGranahan, Hobbs, Nachtigal, and Stephens

Volume 10, No. 2 (Fall 1994)

Author(s) Title
A. Smithmier Construction a Culture of Community: The Contributions of Rural Youth
Y. Sun
D. Hobbs
W. Elder
Y. Li
Multi-level Analyses of Television Viewing Among High School Students: A Contrast Between Nonmetropolitan Rural and Other Communities
A. Deay
J. F. Saab
Student-Centered Learning Communities: Teachers' Perspectives
N. G. Stevens
G. L. Peltier
A Review of Research on Small-School Student Participation in Extracurricular Activities
M. Anderson A Literary Collage of Rural Life
B. O. Barker
R. F. Hall
Distance Education in Rural Schools: Technologies and Practice
J. Elliott Book Review: Endangered Spaces, Enduring Places: Change, Identity, and Survival in Rural America
(by Janet M. Fitchen)
P. Theobald Book Review: A Social History of the English Countryside
(by G. E. Mingay)

Volume 10, No. 1 (Spring 1994)

Author(s) Title
J. P. Sher
K. R. Sher
Beyond the Conventional Wisdom: Rural Development as if Australia's Rural People and Communities Really Mattered
D. McSwan The Rural Education Research and Development Centre
A. H. Higgins A Background to Rural Education Schooling in Australia
P. Share
G. Lawrence
C. Boylin
Educational Policy and the Australian Rural Economy
I. W. Gibson Policy, Practice, and Need in the Professional Preparation of Teachers for Rural Teaching
K. Stevens Australian Developments in Distance Education and Their Implications for Rural Schools

Volume 9, No. 3 (Winter 1993)

Author(s) Title
T. Schram Laotian Refugees in a Small-Town School: Contexts and Encounters
G. Huang
C. Howley
Mitigating Disadvantage: Effects of Small-Scale Schooling on Student Achievement in Alaska
D. Hedlund Listening to Rural Adolescents: Views on the Rural Community and the Importance of Adult Interactions
V. J. Storey Factors, Issues, and Problems in the Recruitment and Retention of Teachers for Rural Schools
E. J. Haller
S. J. Virkler
Another Look at Rural-Nonrural Differences in Students' Educational Aspirations
Y. Dror The New Rural School in Upper Galilee (Eretz Israel) at the Beginning of the 20th Century
J. D. Spears Book Review: Rural Education: Issues and Practices
(Alan J. DeYoung, Ed.)

Volume 9, No. 2 (Fall 1993)

Author(s) Title
M. P. Manke The Rural Teacher in the Early 1900s: Sentimental Image and Hard Reality
E. J. Haller
D. H. Monk
L. T. Tien
Small Schools and Higher-Order Thinking Skills
C. B. Howley A Territorial Imperative: The Authority of the State to Reorganize Public Schools and Districts
B. A. Miller Rural Distress and Survival: The School and the Importance of "Community"
S. C. Deller
N. Walzer
The Effects of an Aging Rural Population on the Financing of Rural Public Education
P. M. Nachtigal Book Review: Rural Policies for the 1990s
(Cornelia B. Flora and James A. Christianson, Eds.)
P. Theobald Book Review: Community and the Politics of Place
(by Daniel Kemmis)
D. Hobbs Book Review: Small Districts, Big Problems: Making Schools Everybody's House
(by Richard A. Schmuck and Patricia A. Schmuck)
Y. L. Breen Thinking Locally, Acting Globally

Volume 9, No. 1 (Spring 1993)

Author(s) Title
R. Ruopp
M. Pfister
B. Drayton
S. Gal
Supporting Teachers with Telecommunication: The LabNetwork
G. M. Walker A Community of Learning
T. Thompson Ready for a Change
S. Rhoades Anatomy of a Small Failure
J. Cadigan Report from Alaska
N. Anderson Science-Related Telecommunication
S. Gal Teachers and Teaching
R. Ruopp Students and Learning
W. Spitzer Environmental Barriers to Networking
R. Ruopp A Concluding Reflection

Volume 8, No. 3 (Fall 1992)

Author(s) Title
J. D. Stern Introduction
E. R. Stephens Mapping the Research Task for the Construction of a Federal System for Classifying the Nation's Rural School Districts
R. J. Reeder An Analysis of Selected Economic, Social, and Fiscal Indicators for Nonmetropolitan School Classification Schemes
W. L. Elder The Use of Census Geography and County Typologies in the Construction of Classification Systems for Rural Schools and Districts
P. M. Nachtigal Toward the Construction of a Federal Policy-Impact Code for Classifying the Nation's Rural School Districts: A Response to Stephens, Reeder, and Elder
R. D. Bhaerman More Questions Than Answers: A Response to Stephens, Reeder, And Elder

Volume 8, No. 2 (Summer 1992)

Author(s) Title
W. S. Carlsen
D. H. Monk
Differences Between Rural and Nonrural Secondary Science Teachers: Evidence From the Longitudinal Study of American Youth
J. G. Ward
F. J. Rink
Analysis of Local Stakeholder Opposition to School District Consolidation: An Application of Interpretive Theory to Public Policy Making
J. C. Hurley The Organizational Socialization of Rural High School Principals: Teacher Influences
E. R. Stephens Classifying Extraordinary State Policy Strategies for Assisting Rural School Districts
V. J. Storey Quest for Educational Equality: The Case of a Rural Pre-Service Teacher Education Program
D. F. Wihry
T. Coladarci
C. Meadow
Grade Span and Eighth-Grade Academic Achievement: Evidence From a Predominantly Rural State

Volume 8, No. 1 (Winter 1992)

Author(s) Title
E. R. Stephens The Condition of the Diverse Regions of Rural America
G. R. Bass
D. Verstegen
Informing Policymakers About the Impact of State Funding Formula Components on Rural Schools
J. Maddaus
D. A. Mirochnik
Town Tuitioning in Maine: Parental Choice of Secondary Schools in Rural Communities
R. M. Kendall Evaluating the Benefits of a Computer Based Telecommunication Network: Telementoring and Teletraining for Educators in Rural Areas
V. E. Garland Funding Inequities in New Hampshire School Districts: Political Realities and Public Attitudes
J. A. Gamradt
P. G. Avery
Country Kids, City Kids: Community Context and Geopolitical Identity
M. H. Smith
L. J. Beaulieu
G. D. Israel
Effects of Human Capital and Social Capital on Dropping Out of High School in the South
D. W. Halgren
H. F. Clarizio
Rural Special Education Placements: Stability and Change

Volume 7, No. 3 (Summer 1991)

Author(s) Title
A. J. DeYoung
P. Theobald
Community Schools in The National Context: The Social and Cultural Impact of Educational Reform Movements on American Rural Schools
S. Stringfield
C. Teddlie
School, Classroom, and Student Level Indicators of Rural School Effectiveness
C. H. Sederberg A Programmatic Viability Model for Planning Rural School District Organizations
N. D. Theobald A Persistent Challenge: Staffing Special Education Programs in Rural Schools
M. L. Grady
M. T. Bryant
School Board Presidents Describe Critical Incidents with Superintendents
R. H. Decker
A. P. Talbot
The Shared Superintendency

Volume 7, No. 2 (Winter 1991)

Author(s) Title
B. A. Miller A Review of the Qualitative Research on Multigrade Instruction
J. S. Streifel
G. Foldesy
D. M. Holman
The Financial Effects of Consolidation
P. G. Theobald Country Lifers Reconsidered: Educational Reform for Rural America
J. D. McCracken
J. D. T. Barcinas
Differences Between Rural and Urban Schools, Student Characteristics, and Student Aspirations in Ohio
P. A. Sundet
M. W. Galbraith
Adult Education as a Response to the Rural Crisis: Factors Governing Utility and Participation
A. Blum The Farm Apprenticeship Scheme in Australia: How Different Groups Look at it
S. E. Easton Confronting Educational Barriers to Rural Adults: A 13-State Survey
R. N. Bickel
S. R. Banks
L. Spatig
Bridging the Gap Between High School and College in an Appalachian State: A Near-Replication of Florida Research
U. S. Department of Education An Agenda for Research and Development on Rural Education

Volume 7, No. 1 (Fall 1990)

Author(s) Title
B. A. Miller A Review of the Quantitative Research on Multigrade Instruction
R. J. Tholkes
C. H. Sederberg
Economies of Scale and Rural Schools
G. L. Reglin Public School Educators' Knowledge of Selected Supreme Court Decisions Affecting Daily Public School Operations
R. V. Carlson A Rural School/Community: A Case Study of a Dramatic Turnaround and Its Implications for School Improvement
A. B. Moore
K. McNamara
Investing in Adult Continuing Education as a Strategy for Rural Economic Development
E. E. Newton Rural Teachers' Perceptions of Support for Program Change
H. K. Light
R. E. Martin
D. Hertsgaard
Coping Strategies of Farm and Ranch Men
C. Darch
R. G. Simpson
Effectiveness of Visual Imagery Versus Rule-based Strategies in Teaching Spelling to Learning Disabled Students

Volume 6, No. 3 (Winter 1990)

Author(s) Title
E. R. Stephens An Examination of State Accreditation Practices for Education Service Agencies
G. Sly
R. Everett
F. O. McQuarrie
F. H. Wood
The Shadowed Face of Staff Development: Rural Schools
M. T. Bryant
M. L. Grady
Community Factors Threatening Rural School District Stability
R. L. Dobson
J. E. Dobson
Toward an Alternative Research Paradigm for Small/Rural Schools: Beyond an Approximated Reality
S. L. Jacobson
B. Woodworth
Preparing Rural Administrators: What Do They Need? What Do They Want?
T. A. Lipinski
T. N. Fairchild
D. Everson
Visuospatial and Verbal-Sequential Performance of Rural Remote Alaskan Native, Urban Alaskan Native, and Urban Alaskan White Male Children
M. L. Grady The Teaching Principal
B. L. Bitner Year-long In-service Science Workshop: Changing Attitudes of Elementary Teachers Toward Science and Science Teaching

Volume 6, No. 2 (Fall 1989)

Author(s) Title
H. J. Walberg Student Aspirations: National and International Perspectives
R. Quaglia Student Aspirations: A Critical Dimension in Effective Schools
R. A. Cobb
W. G. McIntire
P. A. Pratt
Vocational and Educational Aspirations of High School Students: A Problem for Rural America
J. N. Reid The Rural Economy and Rural Youth: Challenges for the Future
E. McCaul Approaches to Dropout Prevention: The Philosopher's Stone Revisited
P. A. Pratt
C. T. Skaggs
First Generation College Students: Are They at Greater Risk for Attrition Than Their Peers
D. T. Breen Enhancing Student Aspirations: A Goal for Comprehensive Developmental Guidance Programs
T. D. Hansen
W. G. McIntire
Family Structure Variables as Predictors of Educational and Vocational Aspirations of High School Seniors
B. Preble
P. Phillips
H. McGinley
Maine's Aspirations Movement: Reaching Out to Youth
R. A. Sherwood A Conceptual Framework for the Study of Aspirations

Volume 6, No. 1 (Spring 1989)

Author(s) Title
W. A. Matthes
W. E. Duffy
Teacher Retention and Satisfaction: A Comparison of M.A.T and B.S./B.A. Graduates in Teacher Education
E. Chance
C. Lingren
The Great Plains Rural Secondary Principal: Aspirations and Reality
P. F. Kleine
F. H. Wood
Staff Development Research and Rural Schools: A Critical Appraisal
E. McCaul Rural Public School Dropouts: Findings from High School and Beyond
D. C. Thompson
G. K. Stewart
W. E. Camp
Capital Outlay Funding as an Educational Equity Issue: An Empirical Examination
C. B. Howley Efficiency and the Characteristics of School Districts: A Study of 178 School Districts in Kentucky
H. B. Reiff
P. L. Anderson
Training Needs of Rural Special Educators in Louisiana
A. Ross
S. A. Butterfield
The Effects of a Dance Movement Education Curriculum on Selected Psychomotor Skills of Children in Grades K-8

Volume 5, No. 3 (Winter 1989)

Author(s) Title
R. Quaglia Socialization of the Beginning Teacher: A Theoretical Model from the Empirical Literature
C. H. Sederberg
V. L. Hendrix
Comparative Effects of Demographic and Economic Change on Rural and Other School Districts
D. C. Thompson
W. E. Camp
G. K. Stewart
Capital Outlay as an Educational Equity Issue: A Review of Educational Research and Legal Opinion
B. O. Barker
K. R. Patrick
Instruction Via Satellite Television: An Exploratory Analysis of Teacher Effectiveness
K. S. Odell Gender Differences in the Educational and Occupational Expectations of Rural Ohio Youth
C. Darch Comprehension Instruction for High School Learning Disabled Students
K. S. Bull
M. M. Warner
D. Yellin
D. W. Robinson
G. C. Neuberger
Attitudes Concerning Extended Teacher Education Programs: A Rural/Urban Comparison
R. L. Swanby Rural and Urban Differences in Educational Placements
L. H. Barrow Secondary Science Education Library Resources for New England's Teacher Education Programs

Volume 5, No. 2 (Spring 1988)

Author(s) Title
A. D. Swanson The Matter of Size: A Review of the Research on Relationships Between School and District Size, Pupil Achievement and Cost
P. Theobald Districts on the Edge: The Impact of Urban Sprawl on a Rural Community
K. S. Odell The Educational and Occupational Expectations of Rural Ohio Tenth- and Twelfth-Grade Students
J. D. McCracken
C. Miller
Rural Teachers' Perceptions of Their School and Communities
J. L. Winer
R. A. Pierce
D. O. Wilson
Vocational Assessment of Learning Disabled Students Using the SDS-E
D. Yellin
K. S. Bull
M. M. Warner
Preparing Regular/Special Education Teachers for Rural Schools: Perceptions of Interest and Capability
S. L. Jacobson The Rural Superintendency: Reconsidering the Administrative Farm System
C. Boylan Research on the Provision of Education in the New South Wales Central School

Volume 5, No. 1 (Winter 1988)

Author(s) Title
C. H. Sederberg The Federated District - A Planning Model for Rural Schools
M. Bray School Size and Unit Costs: International Evidence and its Usefulness
T. Coladarci
W. G. McIntire
Gender, Urbanicity, and Ability
J. M. Sutton Work Environment Perspectives of School Guidance Counselors in Isolated Settings
E. W. Chance
C. Lingren
The South Dakota Rural Principal: Characteristics and Leadership Style
D. E. Cox
E. K. Sproles
G. B. Sproles
Learning Style Variations Between Rural and Urban Students
V. A. Ferre
M. K. Chang
B. Lotven
Rural Superintendents View Their Role: Ranking the Issues
J. R. Bullock Gender Differences in Child Development Knowledge of Rural Parent and Non-Parent Adults

Volume 4, No. 3 (Fall 1987)

Author(s) Title
S. Silver Compliance with PL94-142 Mandates: Implications for Rural Teacher Training Programs
C. Darch
R. Gersten
R. Taylor
Evaluation of the Williamsburg County Direct Instruction Program: Factors Leading to Success in Rural Elementary Programs
S. A. Melnick
M. R. Shibles
R. K. Gable
School District Size, Student Achievement and High School Course Offerings in Connecticut
C. H. Sederberg Economic Role of School Districts in Rural Communities
J. O. Obahayujie
J. Hillison
How Clientele With Varying Education Levels View Extension Dissemination Methods
P. S. MacBrayne Educational and Occupational Aspirations of Rural Youth: A Review of the Literature
M. S. Cinneide Adult Education and Community Development in the West of Ireland
T. D. Hansen On Myth and Reality: The Stress of Life in Rural America

Volume 4, No. 2 (Spring 1987)

Author(s) Title
J. M. Booker
R. E. Riedl
Evaluating the Performance of a Rural, Field-Based Teacher Training Program
R. L. Dobson
J. E. Dobson
Toward a Research Agenda for Rural Education: Discovering the Essence
J. Murphy
K. Decker
C. Chaplin
R. Dagenais
J. Heller
R. Jones
M. Willis
An Exploratory Analysis of the Structure of Homework Assignments in High Schools
K. S. Bull
A. Fishkin
Should Rural Gifted Education Be Different? A Survey of Teacher Educators
J. Levin
N. Hoffman
B. J. Badiali
Rural Teachers' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Various Supervisory Practices
R. L. Kennedy
B. O. Barker
Rural School Superintendents: A National Study of Perspectives of Board Presidents
M. W. Heikkinen The Academic Preparation of Idaho Science Teachers Based on School District Size
R. Moreau District Size, Teacher Qualifications, and Pupil Performance in Maine School Districts

Volume 4, No. 1 (Fall 1987)

Author(s) Title
B. J. Jones Preservice Programs for Rural Environments: Survey and Recommendations
J. Kleinfeld
W. McDiarmid
Teacher Expectations as a Political Issue in Rural Alaska Schools
W. Little
M. Contreras
Language Comprehension of Rural Chicano and Anglo Kindergarten Children
M. E. Edmondson
D. C. Payne
E. R. Patton
Role Management, Educational Satisfaction, and Role Dynamics in Post-Secondary, Re-entry Women
A. Dreyfus The Potential of Agriculture in Science Teaching
E. R. Stephens Resisting the Obvious: State Policy Initiatives for Rural School Improvement Should Not Mean Just Another Round of Massive School Reorganization
J. P. Dolly
D. P. Katz
The Relationship of Instructional Practices to Student Learning in Rural Schools
G. Shroyer
L. Enochs
Strategies for Assessing the Unique Strengths, Needs, and Visions of Rural Science Teachers

Volume 3, No. 3 (Spring 1986)

Author(s) Title
D. Helge Establishing an Empirically Determined National Rural Education Research Agenda
M. K. Campbell Preparing Rural Elementary Teachers
D. Pratt On the Merits of Multiage Classrooms
J. Kleinfeld
G. W. McDiarmid
The Satisfaction of Alaska's Isolated Rural Teachers With Their Work Life
G. A. Donaldson Do You Need to Leave Home to Grow Up? The Rural Adolescent's Dilemma
B. Barker
I. Muse
One-Room Schools of Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota, California, and Wyoming
J. C. Marshall
S. H. Bannon
Educational Computing in Rural Versus Urban Settings
W. E. Hendrick
F. I. Ortiz
The Bureaucratization of a County Schools Office: An Historical Field Study of the County Superintendent of School Office

Volume 3, No. 2 (Winter 1985)

Author(s) Title
S. M. Wilson Differences in Elementary Math Instruction and Achievement Among Districts of Varying Size in the State of Washington
C. M. Foster
I. Martinez
The Effects of School Enrollment Size in the Middle and Junior High School on Teacher and Student Attitude and Student Self Concept
M. C. Farris
J. C. Boyd
S. M. Shoffner
Longitudinal Determinants of Occupational Plans of Low-Income Rural Young Adults
D. F. Reed
D. W. Busby
Teacher Incentives in Rural Schools
H. C. Amoroso Phonetically Justified Spelling Strategies of Good and Poor Readers in the Third Grade
D. S. Honeyman
G. K. Stewart
Capital Fund Mechanisms and the Condition of Facilities in Rural and Small Schools
E. S. Huebner The Influence of Rural vs. Non-Rural Background and Setting Variables on Psychoeducational Expectations
C. McBurney
R. R. O'Reilly
Availability and Acceptability as Factors in the Delivery of Rural Resource Teacher Service

Volume 3, No. 1, (Summer 1985)

Author(s) Title
L. L. Trentham
B. B. Schaer
Rural and Urban Teachers: Differences in Attitudes and Self Concepts
H. K. Light
D. Hertsgaard
R. E. Martin
Education and Income: Significant Factors in Life Satisfaction of Farm Men and Women
L. A. Zeph A Qualitative Evaluation Process for Educational Programs Serving Handicapped Students in Rural Areas
A. P. Wilson
J. M. Heim
Administrative Turnover in Kansas Rural School Districts: 1978-1984
J. G. Horn
P. Davis
R. Hilt
Importance of Areas of Preparation for Teaching in Rural/Small Schools
R. Baker
B. Ambrose
The Small Rural School and In-Service Provision in Science
B. Barker Curricular Offerings in Small and Large High Schools: How Broad is the Disparity
H. B. Alvy
T. Coladarci
Problems of the Novice Principal

Volume 2, No. 4, (Spring 1985)

Author(s) Title
P. Healy
G. L. Schilmoeller
Parent Attitudes Toward Computer Use By Young Children
W. Beckner Needs in Smaller Schools of the United States
P. C. Grippin
A. B. Sarachan-Deily
R. M. Medved
P. E. Lyon
How Far is the Ivory Tower from Reality in Preparing Teachers for Rural Settings
E. S. Huebner
J. A. Cummings
J. McLeskey
The Delivery of Quality Assessment Services to Rural Handicapped Children
J. C. Marshall
S. H. Bannon
Computer Attitudes and Knowledge in Rural Settings
J. W. Baker Attitudes of Maine Cooperative Extension Service Personnel Towards Computerization
B. Barker
S. Logan
A Comparison of Rural and Urban Student Participation in High School Correspondence Study
E. R. Stephens Toward the Construction of a Research and Development Agenda for Rural Education

Volume 2, No. 3, (Winter 1984)

Author(s) Title
B. Barker
I. Muse
R. Smith
Curriculum Characteristics of Rural School Districts in Thirteen Selected States
E. S. Huebner
T. J. Huberty
Burnout Among Rural School Psychologists
W. Little
A. Cossairt
A Study of Rural Teacher and Administrator Attitudes Toward Instructional Models for Educationally Handicapped Elementary Students
R. E. Martin
P. Walford-Kraemer
H. K. Light
Teacher Perceptions of Behavior Problems in Small and Large Schools
C. Cooper
B. Thompson
G. Gaither
Investigation of Student Performance in an Interrelated Service Delivery Approach
J. E. DeVore
T. K. Fagan
School Psychology Manpower Characteristics and Needs in Rural and Urban Tennessee: A Five Year Follow-up
J. W. Skehan
J. F. Doughty
Teachers', Board Members' and Citizens' Perceptions of Educational Issues: A Comparative Study
D. R. Chamberlain
L. Goldsberry
Supervision in Rural Schools

Volume 2, No. 2, (Fall 1983)

Author(s) Title
J. Killacky Public Libraries and Adult Education: An Historical Review
H. K. Light
R. E. Martin
D. Hertsgaard
Farm Women's Attitudes Toward Change in Work and Family Roles
R. W. Maloy
C. A. Seldin
School Climate and School Effectiveness: Summary of Teacher, Student and Parent Attitudes in One Rural Community
P. L. Burge Triple Roles of Appalachian Farm Women: Household, Farm and Wage-Earning
J. L. Buttram
R. V. Carlson
Effective School Research: Will It Play in the Country?
A. Coladarci Paradise Regained: An Apodictic Analysis of the Relationship Between School Size and Public Achievement
B. H. Gracey
R. N. Kratz
A. G. Sprenger
A Kindergarten Center
J. McLeskey
J. A. Cummings
E. S. Huebner
N. L. Waldron
An Administrative Perspective on Psychological Services in Rural School Settings

Volume 2, No. 1, (Spring 1983)

Author(s) Title
E. Meier
E. D. Edington
Research Synthesis: Teacher Preparation for Rural Schools
R. A. Engel
D. Else
The Impact of Collective Bargaining on Schools in a Rural Setting: A Retrospective Assessment
J. S. Burgess
R. A. Dermott
Elementary School Principals and Leadership Development
J. C. Fortune
S. Blecharczyk
The Effect of Setting-Culture Interaction on the Vocational Education of American Indians
C. M. Lyons Preparing Protocols for Institutional Review Boards
S. E. Easton Applying the National Assessment Model to Research on Rural Social Studies
G. A. Hoke The Pitfalls of Needs Assessments
C. H. Sederberg Courses = Classes: Catch-22 for Small Schools

Volume 1, No. 2, (Winter 1983)

Author(s) Title
D. R. Imig Urban and Rural Families: A Comparative Study of the Impact of Stress on Family Interaction
L. A. Meyer Increased Student Achievement in Reading: One District's Strategies
J. P. Dolly
D. P. Page
The Lack of Parent Participation in Rural Schools
L. Brightman
G. Dana
S. Marks
Native American Lifestyles: Issues for Human Services Professionals
J. Guenther
T. Weible
Preparing Teachers for Rural Schools
M. R. Nelson Teacher Education for Rural Schooling-A Status Report
T. K. Fagan
J. E. DeVore
A Survey of School Psychology Manpower Characteristics in Needs in Rural and Urban Tennessee
W.H. Whitaker Conceptualizing "Rural" for Research in Education: A Sociological Perspective

Volume 1, No. 1, (Fall 1982)

Author(s) Title
W. E. Sawyer
J. C. Sawyer
An Assessment of Preschool Education Options for Rural and Small Village Areas
J. L. Pladson
D. K. Lemon
Elementary Principals and Their School Districts in Three Categories of Ruralness
C. D. Rider Folklore and Educational Administration in Alaska: An Ethnographic Study of Rural School Administration
B. H. Holder Sex Equity for Rural American Women
R. A. Dermott
D. E. Roberts
W. G. McIntire
The Influence of Intensive Training in Decoding Skills on Field Dependence-Independence in First Grade Children
L. Chu
J. Culbertson
Rural Alaskan Youth's Attitudes Toward Education
R. J. Drummond Preferred Group Interaction Styles of Rural and Urban Students
W. M. Mathews
L. W. Winkle
Computer Equity for Young Women in Rural Schools