Migrating your Quatrics accounts (surveys and data)

Our Qualtrics group has been recently upgarded from Qualtrics.com to Pennstate.qualtrics.com. The original group location - Qualtrics.com will not be supported by the College of Communications. If you wish to keep all your survey(s) and data and transfer it over to the PennState Qualtrics account please follow the directions below.

Part 1 - Activating PennState Qualtrics Account and Join the Comm Group

1. You will need to create an account at http://PennState.Qualtrics.com account (If you already have an account please skip to Part 2 to migrate your survey and data)
2. Login to http://pennstate.qualtrics.com with the PSU User ID and Password.
3. Send an email to Yu-Tai Chung at (yxc165@psu.edu) to request for a "Qualtrics Upgrade Code"
4. Once you have received the upgrade code. Log into http://pennstate.qualtrics.com and go to the top right corner and click on your name and select "Account Settings" from the drop down menu.
5. Click "Upgrade Account" and enter the code and click upgrade account. (This will upgrade the account and place you into the College group.)
6. You will get an onscreen confirmation and your account should immediately reflect the changes.

Part 2 - Migrating Survey and Data

Once you have the PennState Qualtrics account activated. We will need both "User Id" from your Qualtrics accounts
1. Logging into www.qualtrics.com and http://pennstate.qualtrics.com
2. Go to the top right hand of the screen.
3. Click on your name.
4. Click on Account Settings.
5. Click on Qualtrics IDs
6. Under "User"
7. Write down the IDs for each account.
8. Compose an email to support@qualtrics.com asking them to migrate the data from www.qualtrics.com (User Id1) to http://pennstate.qualtrics.com (User Id2).