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Personalization, Customization, Tailoring, Power Users, Anthropomorphism
Interactivity, Political Interactivity, Political Attitudes, Impression Formation, Animation, Ad shape, Ad Attitude, Persuasion
Search Engines, Information Scent, Information Seeking, News Cues, Multimedia Messages, Internet Pornography
Web Advertising, Impression Formation, Animation, Website Credibility, Web Advertising, Memory for Web Ads
Emotion, Moods, Video Games, Creativity, Violence
Facebook, Social Networking, Interpersonal Perceptions
Physiological Responses, Skin Conductance, Physiological Arousal, Activation
Source Attribution, Perception and Processing of Online News, Internet News Credibility, Modality Effects
Race, Gender, Social Identity, Perception, Judgment, Stereotypes
Cell Phone Use, Interpersonal Communication, Computer-Mediated Communication, Online Relationships, Dating, Intimacy, Chatrooms, Virtual Cooperation, Impression-Formation,
Social Realities, Social Cognition, Advertising Effects, Self-Esteem, Body Satisfaction
Internet Use, Depression, Social Isolation, Problematic Internet Use, Effect of Internet Pornography
Avatars, Agents, Persuasive Effects of Online Agents, PSAs

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