Senate Policy:  32-50, Audit of Unfulfilled Requirements

The Degree Audit report is an automated worksheet of a student's academic progress toward meeting the requirements of the degree sought. The purpose of the audit report is to provide students and their advisers with information to assist in academic planning and appropriate course scheduling each semester. The audit report identifies completed program and graduation requirements and those that must be completed prior to graduation. Degree Audit reports are available to students and advisers on the eLion system.

The Degree Audit report fulfills the requirements of Senate Policy 32-50 (Audit of Unfulfilled Requirements). 

Senate Policy:  32-50, Audit of Unfulfilled Requirements

Approved: ACUI (9-15-77)
Revised: ACUI (5-19-83)
Revised: ACUE (10-3-96)
Revised: ACUE (6-30-97)
Revised: ACUE (4-2-98)
Revised: Editorial (9-6-01)
Revised: ACUE (4-7-05)
Revised: ACUE (12-6-07)

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