Team # 1019 -- Smeal Innovation and Quality Teams
Smeal College of Business

July 2011


To provide instructors with feedback about the impact of course designs to improve the learning process in Accounting, Marketing, Business Administration, Supply Chain Management, and International Business. To identify barriers to learning and exploit them as opportunities for improvement. To reflect on the ways students learn in order to help them become more efficient and effective learners.

Team Membership

  • Edward Babcock, Faculty Advisor
  • Mike Barbalace, Student Team Leader
  • Andrew Bergstein, Faculty Advisor
  • Melissa Carey, Student Team Leader
  • Trish Carlson, Administrative Assistant
  • Jennifer Chang Coupland, Faculty Advisor
  • Josh Clark, Student Team Leader
  • Augustus Colangelo, Faculty Advisor
  • Robert Dewey, Student Team Leader
  • Amy Duray, Student Team Leader
  • Brian Fochler, Student Team Leader
  • Michael Gilpatrick, Faculty Advisor
  • Tim Haenn, Student Team Leader
  • Catherine Hart, Student Team Leader
  • Ron Johnson, Faculty Advisor
  • Brock Klinger, Student Team Leader
  • Mirko Kremer, Faculty Advisor
  • Ben Lansford, Faculty Advisor
  • Jennifer Lehr, Student Team Leader
  • Taylor Relich, Student Team Leader
  • Kyle Schneider, Student Team Leader
  • Carolyn Todd, Faculty Advisor
  • Jesse Treverton, Student Team Leader
  • Suzanne Wright, Faculty Advisor

Results Achieved to Date




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