Team # 1020 -- Departmental Staff Support Structure Team
College of Agricultural Sciences

November 2011


Design a recommended staff structure to facilitate efficient and effective support for the operations in our nine new academic departments. Identify a model for an organizational structure that is scalable to accommodate different numbers of students, faculty, research volume, and extension participants. Redefine the level of service and support for departmental constituents to reflect new budget realities. Ensure duties are clearly delineated and each position is focused on a core skill set.

Expected project benefits include:
1. Staff in core departmental support roles will increase competency through greater specialization.
2. Standardization of job functions and training will improve across the college.
3. Our college's departmental staff levels will be in line with comparable counterparts in other colleges.

Team Membership

  • Ann Dodd, Sponsor
  • Anita Sprankle, Chair
  • Bob Fantaske, Facilitator
  • Patti Burns, Member
  • Angela Clark, Member
  • Ellen Johnson, Member
  • Linda Mace, Member
  • Amy Maney, Member
  • Paula Morgan, Member
  • Becky Peplinski, Member
  • Kim Ripka, Member
  • Tiffany Shultz, Member
  • Linda Spangler, Member
  • Donna Warner, Member
  • Colleen Bloom, Recorder

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults:

    Decreased rework, strengthened functional focus of positions.




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