4/9/2010 SA Sustainability Meeting Minutes

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Student Affairs Green Team

April 9, 2010

Present:   P. Spear, B. Smith, B. Collitt, P. Burlingame, M. Edgington, C. Fisher, B. Harper

Guest:  Lydia Vandenbergh, April Sheninger, Bruce Smith

Absent:     J. Hurst




Follow up


Members introduced themselves





The group will develop a sustainability plan for Student Affairs

The focus includes:

·         Energy use reduction

·         Waste reduction

·         Water use reduction

·         Green purchasing

·         Increase staff knowledge

·         Sustainability learning for students



Energy Efficiency

Bruce reported on the cost of energy in the following buildings:

·         HUB

·         Career Services

·         Student Health Center

·         Boucke

·         Spiritual Center

·         Old Main


The average cost is $2.00 per square foot for these buildings.

We can do better.

The cost is dependent upon usage.

Not all buildings are 100% occupied by Student Affairs, i.e. Old Main

The Student Health Center is 100% occupied by SA.


Improvements on usage:

Student Health Center

·         Reduce amount of emergency lighting.

·         Change perimeter office lighting defaults.






Old Main

·         Tweek and adjust spaces in Old Main.

·         Heat and cooling controls.



·         Adjust the 20 zones

·         Change occupied/unoccupied times


The main goal is to provide comfort when buildings are occupied.



Unoccupied - The fans are off. They come on only when temperatures go below 60 degrees for heat or above 85 degrees for cooling.

Occupied - The fan circulates continuously. This mode is operational 70-75% of the time.


Bruce will provide follow up numbers for the buildings.
















Bruce will check with appropriate OPP staff for changes in SHC. Bruce will report back to Peg







Mary will contact Bruce to schedule a meeting.


Several buildings are on the dashboard.

Reports are currently on a monthly basis.

There is a technical and IT component to the dashboards.

Students are assisting with the IT component.

The data will be more helpful in identifying usage.



The "Big" fix

A software package has been identified to remotely control and maintain PCs.

Energy savings will apply as systems can be shut down when not in use.












April demonstrated the Blog.

Each team has its own page.




April will send out detailed instructions for blogging.


April will meet with anyone who needs assistance (individually or as a group)


Future meeting topics

Green Purchasing - Doug Crawford or Joyce Haney

Waste reduction - Al Matyasovsky

Water use reduction - Jim ??

Develop sustainability plan for SA

Peg will contact Joyce about our next meeting.

Minutes respectfully submitted by:  Cathy Stout. 

The next meeting will be May 4th from 3:00 - 4:30 in room 205 Student Health Center

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