Boucke Energy Audit

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This is a little old (2006), but Sean Graham of the Boucke Building Green Team found an energy audit of Boucke Building.

The student authors of this report found that:

Our survey of Boucke Building leads us to conclude that it is in many ways energy-inefficient. The poor windows and doors allow tremendous amounts of heat loss. Replacing or resealing these cracks could significantly reduce the heating requirement. The computer labs could easily save a great deal of money by simply turning the computers off when not in use. The extra few seconds to start up is a small price to pay for thousands of dollars in savings every year. Lighting by itself is very efficient; it falls on users of the building to help by turning off lighting.

And in these suggestions a recurring theme appears: individual contribution. Closing windows on winter days, reporting leaking faucets, and turning off lights and computers each goes a long way to saving a great deal of money and energy every year. We must be vigilant and attentive to bring about a significant change. To conclude this analysis, we offer these wise words:


"Energy and persistence alter all things."
- Benjamin Franklin



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