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PSU UP Building Energy Reports Now Available

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Penn State University Park Building Energy Reports Now Available


The Building Energy Report project is still in a beta phase so your feedback is appreciated. The project took several months to complete and includes monthly energy data for hundreds of buildings presented in a searchable

format. The project was done almost entirely by Robert Scatena, a recent Penn State graduate from the College of Information Science and Technology, and Mike Prinkey, OPP Energy Engineer, with input from the Campus Sustainability Office.

Crafty Recycling

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I've come across two links recently for using recycled materials in craft projects that might be useful for the HUB Craft Center and/or Late Night.

  • Betz White is a crafter and author who uses old wool sweaters to make all kinds of things
  • YouTube has several tutorials on how to make yarn from old t-shirts

Penn State Sustainability Experience Center

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Taken from the Penn State Faculty and Staff UPark Newswire 10.18.2010:

Plan revealed for Penn State Sustainability Experience Center

Penn State's Center for Sustainability has created a master plan for its Sustainability Experience Center, a nine-acre site situated just off of Porter Road near Beaver Stadium. The Sustainability Experience Center will be a destination for students, teachers, business leaders and citizens to experience and experiment with new (and old) ways to apply sustainable practices to food, water, building materials, and energy systems. The site will serve as a state-of-the-art space for experimenting with new energy systems that reduce environmental impact.

Read the full story on Live: http://live.psu.edu/story/49199#nw63

Wal-Mart to Buy More Local Produce

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From the New York Times

Wal-Mart Stores announced a program on Thursday that would focus on sustainable agriculture among its suppliers, as the retail giant tries to expand its efforts to improve environmental efficiency among its suppliers.


Disposal of an Old Computer

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Feed: SANS Internet Storm Center, InfoCON: green
Posted on: Saturday, October 09, 2010 12:03 AM
Author: SANS Internet Storm Center, InfoCON: green
Subject: Cyber Security Awareness Month - Day 9 - Disposal of an Old Computer, (Sat, Oct 9th)


We have all needed to dispose of unused computers at home and the office. I would like to encourage each of you to consider a responsible choice that helps the environment while at the same time safeguarding yourself, your company and your data.
Before disposing of any computer please consider the following as they may be helpful:

Save all important documents off onto a secure removable storage device, preferably encrypted media.
Wherever possible, extract any software license keys for reusable software.
Wipe your hard disk with Kill Disk, Boot and Nuke or like software. I typically keep/destroy my drives, but before I do I will wipe them by attaching them to another computer with my handy hard drive adapter kit. The adapter kit allows me to attach SATA/IDE drives to any computer through the USB port. (It's handy...and has bailed me out many times.)
Remove any reusable cables or parts such as a network card. (A backup NIC is always handy...)
Remove any batteries and recycle them properly.

Here is a list of URL's of the recycling programs from some of the well known players in the computing industry. Mileage will vary based on your needs. I have used Best Buy's program for no other reason than its convenience and accessibility. Many other's have different things to offer. Review them all and see which suits you.






Lenovo (IBM)


Best Buy

Donating your computer is always a good choice as well. However, remember if you choose to donate any computer there are things that should be done to prevent harm to you or your company and exposing sensitive data. You will read more on Securing a Donated Computer another day. That is the topic for Day 16, stay tuned...
Please comment below if you know any additional steps or resources out there to assist in computer disposal and as always contact us via our contact form. Any sites that help out for countries other than the US would be great to share.

Kevin Shortt

ISC Handler on Duty

(c) SANS Internet Storm Center. http://isc.sans.org Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

October Energy Conservation Month Activities

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Did you know that October is Energy Conservation Month? You can celebrate with many of the upcoming activities. Most importantly:

1) Sign up to green commute on Monday, October 11th... details below


2) Thursday, October 21 at noon: "The Critical Role of Higher Education in Creating a Healthy, Just, Secure, and Sustainable Society." Anthony Cortese speaking at the Forum Speaker Series. More information at http://pennstateforum.psu.edu/2010/10/general-david-petraeus.html


3) Anyone interested in learning more about the Green Paws Program, an easy step-by-step roadmap to have your office certified GREEN.

Orientations are scheduled for:

  • Friday, October 29th from 10:10am to 11am Room 106, Forest Resources Building
  • Tuesday, November 30th from 10:10am to 11am Room 127, So. Henderson Building
  • Sign up by sending me Lydia Vandenbergh an email at lbv10@nw.opp.psu.edu.


4) Come and celebrate our first two Green Certified Offices at the next Green Teams Lunch - Friday, November 12th, Noon to 1:30pm at the Bryce Jordon Center Founders Lounge. More information to come.


Details on the 350.org events:


As part of a global effort organized by 350.org and Penn State's on-going commitment to sustainability, the University and Centre County partners are organizing and hosting a growing number of events focused on climate solutions and sustainability.  Participate from your desk.

Attend in person.  Organize your own.  Send events to erik@psu.edu or create your own events page at www.350.org.  Website for events below

is:  http://www.350.org/en/psu-350


*See Penn State's Progress to Reduce Emissions. . .despite continued growth we have cut 15.2% of our emissions since 2005.  See details and campus profiles at: www.ghg.psu.edu *Form a Green Team. . .we have 30 Green Teams at Penn State and would like to reach 35 by Monday (35 seemed more realistic than 350).  See a list of current Green Teams, simple directions on forming one and information about upcoming Green Team Orientations (October 13!) at http://www.green.psu.edu/greening_psu/greenTeams.asp


*Be a Clean Commuter. . .350 Clean Commuters to join together on Monday (10/11/10).  Organized in partnership with the Centre Region Bike Coalition www.centrebike.org.  Carpool, vanpool, bus, bike, walk, skateboard, rollerblade. . .register your Clean Commute here and see who else is "clean commuting":



*Have a Cool Conversation. . .MARK YOUR CALENDAR at 3:50pm on Monday (10/11/10), Penn Staters and community members will be taking 30 minutes, to go to 350.org, or another site of their choice such as www.ted.com, to watch a video and discuss sustainability and climate solutions with co-workers, family, friends, and neighbors http://www.350.org/en/videos. Register your Cool Conversation




*350 Roundtable, a meeting of sustainability-focused campus and community groups at the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center at 3:30 - 5:00pm on 10/10/10. Groups attending include ClearWater Conservancy, Interfaith Power and Light, Sierra Club, Campus Sustainability Office, Center for Sustainability, and many others. Event website:

http://paipl.org/index_files/workparty.htm Organized by Interfaith Power and Light http://paipl.org/ You don't have to register, just come.


*Eco-Action Clean Earth trash clean up on 10/10/10. Meeting location and time TBD. For details, contact Eco-Action's Stefan Nagy swn5038@psu.edu.


*Renewable Energy March on Monday 10/11/10. Meeting at West Steam Plant at 12pm. Organized by Eco-Action. For details, contact Eco-Action's Stefan Nagy swn5038@psu.edu


*HOMECOMING: Green Tailgating 10/9/10

STATERs will meet at the OPP office at 8am to pass out blue recycling bags to tailgaters for the homecoming game vs. Illinois. We will go for about 2 hours, giving everyone enough time to meet up with friends before the game! Come out and have a great time with STATERs and share in the Penn State Beaver Stadium experience! T-shirts will be provided!

If you need more information, please contact: Michelle McDonald mcm5316@psu.edu (814) 442-2355


*HOMECOMING: Recycle-Your-Float 10/10/10 Volunteers will meet behind Lubrano Park at 9:45 am for the event. We will be working with OPP to dismantle parade floats, sort the materials, and recycle them. OPP will provide tools and safety equipment for volunteers. SHOES AND SOCKS MUST BE WORN!! NO SANDALS!! It is also recommended that volunteers wear long pants. Food will be provided. Come join the We Are Campaign and tear up some floats! If you need more information, please contact: Chad Fisher cjf5123@psu.edu (717) 471-6414


*What else?  what's missing?  For example, we don't yet have organized a chance to form people into a giant "350" for a photo.  Who can organize this?



Coming up: Environmental Colloquium Speaker Bill McKibbens, Monday, October 4th: 6pm HUB-Robeson Center (University Park) http://www.psiee.psu.edu/news/calendar/McKibben.pdf



Be sure to spread the word and register for our upcoming Leading the Green Challenge conference at Penn State Penn State Great Valley on November 8th.  Complete information at:  www.green.psu.edu