With spring, it's time to ditch the car

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Last week marked a significant seasonal transition for me - the transition from a commute fueled by an internal combustion engine to one fueled by my own internal engine. With the blooming daffodils, I dust off my commuter bike and start making the uphill trek to work (which means it's downhill most of the way home!) I get lots of questions about this. Do I change clothes, how hard is it, what do I do if it rains, etc? All of these questions have fairly simple answers, but the important thing to know is that all these little inconveniences are worth it. I arrive to work with a smile on my face that isn't there when I drive. That smile is likely to get even bigger when gas goes up to the predicted $4+/gallon price tag this summer. I aspire to be one of those folks who rides everyday regardless of the weather, (and there are plenty of these on campus), but for now, I'm just going to enjoy the spring! Why don't you join me?

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