Career Services Green Team Update

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The Career Services Green Team has finalized our mission statement:

The Penn State Career Services Green Team pledges to lead by example and educate our colleagues and constituents on our commitment to improve the environmental quality of our Center. We aim to reduce our impact on the environment, foster sustainability, and raise awareness of the global impact of our everyday activities.

Some of the ways we are putting this into action include:


  • Recycled paper drawer in printers
  • Turn off computers at end of each day
  • Encourage staff to turn off lights in rooms
  • Instead of printing, use projectors to display
    • Agenda
    • Handouts
    • Minutes
  • Ensure that each staff member has a recycled paper bin at their desk
  • Turn off printers, microwaves
  • One fridge vs. mini fridges
  • Creating signage to educate and encourage recycling
  • Put up directions to closest recycling bins
  • Compost


  • Signage to recycling bins
  • Work with caterers for compostable/recyclable paper products
  • Re-think printed materials
  • Encourage recycling of event materials:
    • Water bottles
    • Handouts
    • Nametags


  • Encourage exploration of company green policies during job/internship search
  • Discuss values related to sustainability during the session
  • Encourage students to join/create sustainability groups on campus
  • Refer student to online resources versus printed resources
  • Encourage students to recycle while in your office


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