Boucke Building

The Boucke Green Team consists of representatives from each floor and all areas within the Boucke Building. This includes Student Affairs, Educational Equity, Affirmative Action, University Outreach Intensive English Program, Global Programs, Undergraduate Education Learning Assistance Center, and ITS labs. Some of these offices have their own green teams as well.

Our mission statement:
"To coordinate and support ecologically responsible building sustainability initiatives through stakeholder engagement, education, and collaborative project development, implementation, and evaluation. The Boucke team is representative of the units that work in or support the operations that are housed in the building."

  • Our main accomplishment so far is promoting and participating in composting, recycling, and terracyling.
  • A Senior OPP Engineer spoke and reviewed the Boucke heating and cooling systems with our team to help us understand and more efficiently manage these systems.
  • We will be speaking on Boucke Sustainability (composting, recycling, terracycling, trash, lights, smoking, etc) at the International Student Orientation meeting in August to review our goals and expectations as the students become part of the Boucke environment.
  • One of our goals is for each office to be Green Paws Level 1 certified. Some offices have obtained this certificate and are working on level 2; others are close to completing level 1; some are just getting started.

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