Register for March 15 cleaning the kitchen

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The cleaning will start at 8:00 pm, the time by which almost everybody finishes using the microwave. Also the microwave will need sometime to dry up before put into use. 

Usually, the cleaning can be finished in 30mins.  If you would like to join, we can do the cleaning together. I know most of you will go home early, so please do not feel obliged to that.

Note:   cleaning gloves are prepared.

Many thanks and best,

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Slots are full.

Sonali, Rashmi and Yuan will be involved this time.

Yes, Yuan,

This is a very good idea...

I have cleaned the microwave in 301 and the whole 301 room several times.. Unless everyone involves in the cleaning process, it is really hard to keep the place clean..

I can do it next time. Please let me know when my turn is.


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