Augmented Reality and Learning

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A colleague from ETS just sent me a link to a fantastic YouTube video demonstrating the power of Augmented Reality applications for learning.  This type of application could really open doors for online learning, large course experiments and so many other contexts that some consider challenging to incorporate experiential learning elements.  

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One thing I observed about myself watching this video is that my attention was drawn to the moving object, rather than to the question, key, or whatever other static information was being presented on the screen--so much so that I needed to watch the video a second time before I fully understood some of the demonstrations and (in some cases) what I as learner was being asked to do. I wonder if there is a name for this kind of literacy, which I obviously don't have but could probably quickly develop.

Some would call that media or digital literacy. Our library is in the middle of a big push to increase students' digital literacy across the university. This is a contest the library ran in late 2009 on digital literacy:

I used to get caught in the hype of the 'digital natives', where some researchers claimed students today are well versed in all things digital. After teaching, in a Technology-heavy College no less, I found this to be untrue; students know how to email, text and use Facebook but when asked to perform other tasks (find quality sources of information, edit an image, create a video or podcast, etc), most struggle.

One framework to use in gauging student's digital literacy can be Bloom's Digital Typology; see:

I certainly think augmented reality holds great promise! What a neat learning tool!

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