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As I continue to prepare thoughts on classroom management to share with a group of faculty, Neill sent around a video from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee regarding a disruptive student.  This case is extreme.  The student threatened another student and (arguably) threatened the instructor.  Eventually the police were called, the student was subdued and removed from the room.  This incident led to public demonstrations and matriculated throughout  UW Milwaukee and other campuses around the country. 

(NOTE: be advised, the student in this video does use some profanities)

No instructor wants to find herself in this situation. But if you do, would you handle this differently?  What about the student that actually made this recording? That brings up a whole other concern that, regardless of your class size, your course could become something of a public artifact (with students recording various aspects of you and others in your course, without your knowledge or consent, and posting them online).

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