Penn State Career Services Conference

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Cindy and I presented at the Campus-wide career services conference yesterday in the Career Services building at University Park.  We tried to cover four main areas:
  • Basic Schreyer Institute overview
  • Collaborative opportunities
  • Engaging students (focusing on generational characteristics of millennials)
  • The assertion-evidence model for PowerPoint utilization
The advising folks were great, contributing many ideas and really helping to make the session interactive and giving us some things to think about in the future.  The whole topic of generational differences seems to be coming up more and more lately, with a LOT of varied opinions and viewpoints on the subject.  Yesterday, the big debate was around 'tech savvy' students.  Some of the literature does point to millenials being tech savvy, BUT we often find students are only savvy with email, social websites and mobile devices.  We concluded that we might want to stress continued growth and utilization of basic tools like the MS suite (lots of stories of seniors not being able to format resumes and inability to leverage basic spreadsheets), audio and video tools and image editing software. 

Thanks for everyone who attended!  Feel free to check out the PDF of our presentation.

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