Wave technology and collaborative learning?

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I just received a link to this EDUCAUSE Research Bulletin about Google Wave as a way to foster "computer based collaborative learning"--intriguing!

EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research

Google Wave and Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning: Impact on Higher Education
by Johanna Hane
Research Bulletin 13, 2010

Abstract: This ECAR research bulletin is based on a 2010 study that was conducted as part of an examination assignment in the course "Introduction to Communication, Learning, and IT" at a Swedish university (Gothenburg). The study focused on the potential benefits and drawbacks of Google Wave for educational purposes. Study participants' discussions were observed and analyzed in conjunction with literature on computer-supported collaborative learning and the social constructivist view on education.

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Google Wave saw a LOT of hype in the ed tech community when it was first released, but it seems to have died down now. I tried it a few times (even on a project with World Campus I'm working on) and it's simply very hard to manage right now and not as intuitive as other Google services.

The potential is enormous, but the barrier to entry right now feels very high.

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