Workshop Assessment

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Mary Wright, Asst. Research Scienctis and Asst. Director for Evaluation at the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching at the University of Michigan, posted three articles on assessing teaching center workshops on the faculty development listserv.  For the full post, please visit the POD listserv for 6/9/10.

Connolly, M. R., & Millar, S. B. (2006). Using workshops to improve instruction in STEM courses. Metropolitan Universities Journal, 17(4), 5365.

Plank, K.M. & Kalish, A. (2010). Program assessment for faculty development. In K.J. Gillespie & D.L. Robertson (Eds.), A guide to faculty development (2nd ed.) (pp. 135-149). San Francisco: Jossey Bass.

D'Eon, M., Sadownik, L., Harrison, A., & Nation, J. (2008). Using self-assessments to detect workshop success: Do they work? American Journal of Evaluation, 29, 92-98.

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