Assessing Instructional Development

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I just came across this project, Tracing the Effect of Faculty Development into Student Learning Outcomes,  What can we learn, borrow, adapt?

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We could potentially do something similar, for instance by recruiting CCT participants. If taking the CCT leads someone to make substantial changes in an assignment he/she uses in teaching, we could look at students' performance before and after the change.

It might also be helpful to ask an outside expert in the faculty member's discipline to do blind reviews of students' assignments from before and after the change.

I definitely agree that the CCT seems a good starting spot to try and get at some data whether changes are implemented (and beneficial) after participating in that course.

I also wonder if Carlton College and WSU received some sort of grant or support for this project. This is definitely a worth while undertaking, but it seems like it would require a lot of collaboration and resources to do it well.

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