Study Abroad bodes well for students

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In InsideHigherEd today, "they've found that students who study abroad have improved academic performance upon returning to their home campus, higher graduation rates, and improved knowledge of cultural practices and context compared to students in control groups. They've also found that studying abroad helps, rather than hinders, academic performance of at-risk students."


Penn State's Global Programs has many resources to help faculty engage with topics germane to overseas studies --

In particular, please refer to the: Embedded Education Abroad Faculty Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed to be used primarily by faculty to aid in the development and implementation of embedded programs. The toolkit complements university administrative and logistical services by offering a portfolio of tested and applicable instructional strategies that leverage the embedded international travel component of these courses to optimize academic learning and the development of global citizenship.

I think that concepts of global citizenship should be incorporated into as many Penn State courses as possible; what do you think?

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