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The Schreyer Institute is in the process of growing the online Faculty Communities Hub (PSU authentication required), a project stemming from Faculty Senate committee work from 2006 to 2008.  The Hub is designed to bring together faculty members across disciplines and geographic locations, allowing people to create, share and collaborate around a wide variety of topics, including courses, committees and research. 

The Faculty Communities Hub was demonstrated last week at the Faculty Senate meeting, which prompted me to explore some of our use statistics.  Some of the highlights:
  • 487 users
  • 32 new users in the last week
  • 212 communities
  • 72 communities visited this month
When you have a minute, please stop by and join any community that interests you.  All your feedback is welcome, as we continue to work on improvements to functionality and ease-of-use.

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Wow!! This is super. Hopefully, we'll also be getting some requests for new communities and suggestions for how to help.

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