Digital stories of exemplary teaching strategies

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The Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT) website (, has been offering peer-reviewed teaching and learning materials for many years. A recent addition to the site is ELIXR (see This portion of the site offers short digital stories of faculty describing their teaching strategies. The stories are categorized as follows: course preparation and design, understanding and addressing students' needs, teaching strategies, teaching and learning, technology and learning, developing instructional expertise and assessment and evaluation. Faculty who want to learn more about fostering creativity, for example, can find several different strategies for doing so in less than 25 minutes.

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This is an interesting set of resources (the California Center for Distributed Learning in addition to the elixir website). I have not read it in detail yet, but they posted the funded FIPSE proposal:

We might be able to use this as a reference down the road. Also, I wonder if this is applicable for the website we are working on to highlight the teaching award candidates. I could see taking a similar approach, and maybe partnering with ETS, to try and do something similar that goes beyond our original vision for the website that simply highlights our candidates. Good find!

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