Google's Books Ngram Viewer: T & L through time

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I just read Peter Wood's posting in The Chronicle of Higher Education about his use of Google's Books Ngram Viewer to explore the term "diversity." 

I created a graph using the terms "teaching" and "learning."  I'm wondering what it might signify, if anything. What do you think?

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Wow, this Ngram viewer is a very interesting tool! I'm not sure what to make of the teaching and learning learning started high, then dipped low 1880s through 1920s, then back up again. And learning looks to be on a sharp incline up to 2000. I'm curious what people outside of teaching and learning, like historians, would make of this.

I ran the same terms for 2000-2010, and it looks like both lines are parallel, with a tiny, steady decline in both. Strange...

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