Congratulations to a Couple Hardworking Graduate Assistants!

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We are extremely proud to announce that two of our Graduate Assistants, Beate Brunow and Jimmy Xie, have recently accepted job offers!

beate.jpgBeate will be joining Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina as an Assistant Professor of German.  Her teaching duties will include courses in German and in the Humanities.  Working in the Schreyer Institute complimented Beate's experience teaching in German and Women's Studies here at PSU and strengthened her experience around teaching and learning.

"My assistantship as a graduate instructional consultant at the Schreyer Institute proved invaluable to being a competitive candidate on the job market. Besides adding teaching experience and workshop presentations to my CV, my work at SITE also provided insights into the terminology and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Being part of the consultant training, consulting independently with instructors, and becoming a certified trainer for student centered discussion are just a few of the many opportunities I had at the Schreyer Institute."

jimmy.jpgHui "Jimmy" Xie will be leaving the Institute to join California State University at Northridge as an Assistant Professor.  Jimmy predominantely spent time working with me on Institutional Research projects, but also assisted with activities around the scholarship of teaching and learning.

"The discussions and assistantship work with the Schreyer Institute enriched my knowledge about teaching and learning. I've also become more familiar with undergraduate education, advising, and administration through interacting with university offices and committees. I believe these make me better prepared for the job market and my new position at California State."

Everyone from the Institute wishes you both the best of luck as you start your careers at Wofford and California State, Northridge. 

If you (or graduate students you know) are interested in a GA appointment for Fall 2011, please keep an eye on our homepage for details.  We plan to post opportunities in the coming weeks.

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