Teaching in Online and Blended Environments

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A few of us are working with Larry Regan, Director of Faculty Development at the World Campus, on a few of his Online Learning (or "OL") series of courses aimed to get faculty prepared to teach online. Larry has conceptualized an entire curriculum for faculty, with courses on nearly every aspect of online teaching and learning.  We're looking forward to working closely with Larry, to hopefully help the Institute better serve online instructors and continue to collaborate to make a Penn State Education, whether online or face-to-face, a great educational experience for all Penn State students.

During a discussion yesterday, Larry shared a couple resources that are worth posting.
  • Excellence in Teaching - this is a social site, with nearly 400 members, all interested and interacting around faculty development as it pertains to online learning.  Many members are from Penn State, but the site also has members from around the country (and world).
  • YouTube Channel on Faculty Development - This site contains hundreds of videos, many comprised of interviews Larry conducted with both PSU and external faculty, around teaching online.
If you plan on teaching online, take some time to explore both of these websites.  A great deal of quality information that will help you create a positive experience for your students.

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