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I started using a service called Diigo along with PSU colleagues, mostly from Teaching and Learning with Technology.  Diigo is basically a social bookmarking system, similar to Delicious, but it also allows things like highlighted quotes, commentary, discussion and sticky notes. 


For a free tool, it seems very effective...if you can get a relatively active number of users (somewhere around 5 I think will do the trick).  That seems to be the difficult aspect of testing and evaluating these types of technologies for work; they all require active users to get any accurate evaluation of the technology.  Whenever I get invited to test out something new like Diigo, I typically give it two weeks of active participation, then evaluate the usefulness of the tool.  I admit that most tools don't 'stick' after those two weeks, but Diigo lasted over a month and still going strong.

I started a Diigo group for the Institute where a few of us are sharing articles and resources that align with our mission.  If you want to join the group and check out some resources, or if you just want to check out Diigo, go ahead and join our group.   I'm very interested to see what someone new to Diigo thinks of the service.

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