Digital Scholarship in the Humanities

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The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published the following article--it makes me wonder whether some of the discussion could spill over into the program assessment arena.

Humanities Scholars Discuss Their 'Shared Mental Map' for a New Age of Digital Communication

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I come across these articles from time to time on rethinking an approach, and subsequent reward structure, for scholars. I couldn't agree more with the idea, but I've watched it play out extremely slow over the years. It took nearly a decade of faculty creating interesting, scholarly software for some colleges to give *any* reward for that type of activity...and even now, the reward doesn't come close to equaling a publication in a journal (that only a handful of people might read vs. thousands of people using the software created).

In terms of program assessment, I certainly think this shares some similarities. Some of the *ideas* presented in each program's assessment plan are great, very innovative. But they are still trying to assess these ideas in old, 5 point likert-scale methods that don't really tell us much.

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