Welcome Back: Fall 2012 Edition

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We hope everyone had a great summer, and looking forward to another great fall semester at Penn State. After a summer of planning, the Schreyer Institute is excited to once again offer a wide variety of workshops, presentations and seminars for Penn State faculty and graduate students. This year, we are specifically focusing on the theme 'Student Engagement' in the vast majority of our programs. Throughout the semester, members of the Institute will be taking to this blog to discuss various aspects of student engagement, so be sure to bookmark this page, keep abreast of current topics and add your voice to the discussion. Some specific resources you might find valuable include:

Schreyer Events - a listing of all our events for each month of the semester. Be sure to check this page periodically as we continue to update the page with more events.

Drop-In Consultations - something new we're trying this semester. Our consultants will be in a building near your, excited to engage in conversations around teaching and learning. Have questions about crafting exams? Syllabus creation? Assessing team work? Feel free to drop in at a location near you. You can also email us any time (site@psu.edu) to schedule an appointment to speak to a consultant.

Yammer Group - like many other units across Penn State, the Institute is experimenting with Yammer to share resources and facilitate discussions around teaching and learning. You can find us by logging into Yammer, then searching for "Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence", then click 'join'. Or try this link

Once again, welcome back and have a great fall 2012 semester!

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