32-00 Advising Policy

32-20 The Nature of the University Advising Program

Each academic unit will establish an academic advising program designed to meet the goals set forth in 32-00. An effective academic advising program possesses the following elements:

  1. POLICY. An advising policy stating the program's philosophy and practice and what students can expect from the advising program.
  1. STRUCTURE. An organizational model for the delivery of effective advising.

  2. SUPPORT. Appropriate information, resources, and electronic systems to work effectively with students.

  3. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT . On-going professional development for all advisers within a comprehensive development program.

  4. DELIVERY. Strategies to accommodate the specific advising needs of the unit's advisees.

  5. FIRST YEAR STUDENTS. Assurance that all students in their first two semesters of study at the University, including all transfer students, will consult with an academic adviser.

  6. FREQUENCY OF CONSULTATIONS. Workable guidelines concerning the ratio of advisees to adviser and the frequency with which they should consult.

  7. RECOGNITION AND REWARD. Recognition of academic advising in the general rewards structure.

  8. ASSESSMENT. A comprehensive assessment to measure the effectiveness of the advising program.

B-2 The Nature of the University Advising Program

B-5 Academic Information System

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