34-00 Course Scheduling

34-68 Auditing and Visiting Courses

  1. Auditing. If a student wishes to audit a course officially and to have this fact appear on the academic record, that course must be entered on the student's schedule with the symbol AU shown under "credits." When a student audits a course, the credits become part of that semester's credit load but are not used in the determination of full-time status (section 34-52). In addition, tuition must be paid for the audit. Audits are not considered in the determination of the credit standard for financial aid.

No course may be added for audit and dropped for credit, or vice versa, after the first ten calendar days of a fifteen-week semester or the same percentage of time if the course is offered under a different time schedule. A student enrolled for official audit may be required to participate in class discussion, do practicum work, submit written work, and take examinations. See also Section 48-80, symbols for Course Audit.

  1. Visiting. Students who wish to visit a course may do so, even though they are not officially enrolled for credit or for audit in that course. To visit a course, currently registered full-time students must obtain permission in advance from the course instructor. No tuition is paid for a visit. Course credits do not become part of the semester's credit load and are not entered on the student's academic record. Paragraph 1 relating to official audit is not applicable to the student who visits a course.
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