47-00, 48-00, and 49-00 Grades

47-45 Grading System for M.D. Candidates

The grading system for candidates enrolled in M.D. programs shall be reported as follows:

Honors (H)--Honors Grades (Outstanding Work)
High Pass (HP)--High Passing Grade
Pass (P)--Passing Grade
Low Pass (LP)--Low Passing Grade
Fail (F)--Failing Grade

This grading system is limited to candidates for the medical degree taking 400- and 500-level preclinical courses and 700-level clinical courses. The "Low Pass (LP)" grade is for 700-level clinical courses only (Years 3 and 4).

Initial Legislation: 10/14/75
Revised: 1/6/76
Revised: 9/12/89
Revised: 10/10/89
Revised: 10/26/04