47-00, 48-00, and 49-00 Grades

48-40 Deferred Grades

If, for reasons beyond the student's control, a student is prevented from completing a course within the prescribed time, the grade in that course may be deferred with the concurrence of the instructor. The symbol DF appears on the student’s transcript until the course has been completed. Non-emergency permission for filing a deferred grade must be requested by the student before the beginning of the final examination period. In an emergency situation, an instructor can approve a deferred grade after the final exam period has started. Under emergency conditions during which the instructor is unavailable, authorization is required from one of the following: the dean of the college in which the candidate is enrolled; the executive director of the Division of Undergraduate Studies if the student is enrolled in that division; the campus chancellor of the student's commonwealth campus.

In certain courses where normal work of the course extends beyond the scheduled period, deferment may be granted routinely for all students in the course if prior approval of the Senate Committee on Curricular Affairs has been obtained.

The period during which a grade may be deferred shall not extend beyond ten weeks following the end date of the course (as it appears in the schedule of courses). A deferred grade that is not changed to a quality grade by the instructor before the end of this period automatically becomes an F. A deferred grade that is automatically converted to an F can later be corrected in accordance with Senate Policy 48-30.

Students with DF on their transcripts will not be allowed to graduate.

G-3 Deferred Grades Procedure

Revised: 1/9/73 (as Rule O-4)
Revised: 1/6/76
Revised: 1/29/85
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Revised 4/30/85
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