60-00 Completing More Than One Undergraduate Major Program (Sequential or Concurrent Majors)

60-20: Sequential Majors Program

  1. Upon graduation from a baccalaureate or associate degree major at the Pennsylvania State University, a candidate may apply for re-enrollment (See Section 58-20) in another undergraduate degree major.
  2. Approval for admission to the second major must be obtained from the college and department offering the major. The approval document should include the list of courses that will satisfy the requirements for the second major. The student will have access to an adviser in the Sequential major.
  3. Only the second major will be listed on the student’s degree audit.
  4. Restrictions may apply to admission to a major that is under enrollment control. Such restrictions should be specified by the department and college that offer the major.
  5. Upon completion of the second major, a candidate shall receive a second diploma.
  6. Exceptions to any part of the policy require the approval of the dean and department offering the second major.

Revised: 3/2/76
Revised: 2/1/83
Revised: 4/30/85
Revised: 12/6/94
Revised: 9/17/02
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