Revisions to HR-23 and the Administrative Guidelines

The revisions to the 2014-15 Administrative Guidelines for HR-23: Promotion and Tenure Procedures and Regulations are noted below:

Appendix B (Pages 32-33) - The “Timetable for 2014-15 Promotion and Tenure Reviews” has been updated.

Appendix F (Page 39) - Under “Dossier Dividers and Forms,” it is noted that the following dossier dividers have been revised. 

  • Biographical Data for Promotion/Tenure Review form (Page 41) – With more Colleges using Activity Insight, the data and candidate’s signature lines are no longer needed and therefore removed. 

  • Budget Assignment form (Page 42) – The years noted in the column headings were out-of-date and therefore removed.  The user may now manually enter each year as appropriate.

  • The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (Page 43) – Reorder of bullets for courses taught and SRTE results.

  • External Letters of Assessment (For Promotion and Final Tenure Reviews) (page 49) – Reorder of bullets.  The bullet pertaining to the procedure for selection evaluators was merged into the first bullet.

  • Statements of Evaluation of the Candidate by Review Committees and Administrators (Page 51) – An additional line was added to clarify prior evaluative statements for post-tenure dossiers are not to be included.


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