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A photo band of three images: a female student standing in a stream, blue vials, two researchers wearing white coats in a lab.

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Even Zombies Need an Agent

7/15/13While unraveling a dramatic case of mind control, biologist David Hughes brought the real science behind zombies to the big-screen Hollywood blockbuster "World War Z."

Voices of Gettysburg

6/26/13As the 150th anniversary nears, historian Carol Reardon sheds new light on the soldiers, many of them Penn Staters, who fought and fell during one of the bloodiest and most complex battles of the Civil War.

The 3-D Printing Revolution

6/19/13If you can think it, you can make it. Penn Staters, like student Kara Morgan, are immersed in a technology that many are calling the second Industrial Revolution.

Rescuing Honey Bee Hives

6/5/13VIDEO: Honey bee colonies are collapsing in record numbers, and Penn State entomologists are leading the pack of researchers scrambling to figure out why.

Lunar Lion Superstars

5/6/13Space systems engineer Michael Paul leads a team of faculty and students in a race to land the first spacecraft on the moon in thirty-five years.

Tracking Yellowstone Wolves

4/9/13Who's watching the wolves? Huck Institutes graduate student Emily Almberg is raising public awareness about wolves through her research in Yellowstone National Park, which includes citizen observers.

Engineering Biofilms

1/24/13From oil-spill clean-up to producing alternative fuels, microbial communities have the potential to do great good. Professor Tom Wood is determined to figure out how.