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A photo band of three images: a female student standing in a stream, blue vials, two researchers wearing white coats in a lab.

Research Features

The 3-D Printing Revolution

6/19/13If you can think it, you can make it. Penn Staters, like student Kara Morgan, are immersed in a technology that many are calling the second Industrial Revolution.

Rescuing Honey Bee Hives

6/5/13VIDEO: Honey bee colonies are collapsing in record numbers, and Penn State entomologists are leading the pack of researchers scrambling to figure out why.

Lunar Lion Superstars

5/6/13Space systems engineer Michael Paul leads a team of faculty and students in a race to land the first spacecraft on the moon in thirty-five years.

Tracking Yellowstone Wolves

4/9/13Who's watching the wolves? Huck Institutes graduate student Emily Almberg is raising public awareness about wolves through her research in Yellowstone National Park, which includes citizen observers.

Engineering Biofilms

1/24/13From oil-spill clean-up to producing alternative fuels, microbial communities have the potential to do great good. Professor Tom Wood is determined to figure out how.